Roasted Balsamic Tomato &MushroomTartine

Roasted Balsamic Tomato & Mushroom Tartine

Paris – often described as one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. I had the opportunity to visit as a teenager, shortly after I graduated from high school. I spent a few months working in Sweden that summer as the official (and […]

 Chicken,Zucchini and Fresh Corn Burgers

Chicken, Zucchini and Fresh Corn Burgers

It’s funny, the unexpected paths that life takes you on. We never would have dreamed 10 years ago that London would one day seem almost like a second home to us. Our daughter and her husband along with their three daughters moved to the UK three […]

 Tomato,Avocado and Fresh Mozzarella Tartines

Tomato, Avocado and Fresh Mozzarella Tartines

 My mom had many words of wisdom. There were some however, I really didn’t like to hear. Every summer she would say,  “Once the Fourth of July passes, the summer’s pretty much over”. “That is NOT true”, I would argue with her. “The summer’s not even […]

 California Avocado Western Burgers

California Avocado Western Burgers

If you’re a regular visitor here at The Café, you know that we’re nut cases about fresh, seasonal veggies, fruits and whole grains. Our archives are loaded with vibrant main course and side salads featuring just about every type of produce and grain you can […]

 Grilled Vietnamese Bahn Mi

Grilled Vietnamese Bahn Mi

   We’re out of town for the long Fourth of July weekend, enjoying time with family. While we’re gone, we’ve been sharing a few of our most favorite summertime recipes from The Café archives. This one, Grilled Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches is always a huge hit and […]

 Greek Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce

Greek Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce

  Fire up the grill!  We’ve got something delicious for you today! My daughter-in-law, Lindsay mentioned over the weekend that she had made these wonderful Greek burgers. As she described them, I knew that I’d just love them – and you will too! Here’s Lindsay […]

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