Mediterranean Chicken & Shrimp w/ Lemon & Feta

Most days, I have a zillion ideas racing through my mind ……… sometimes too many.

“No more ideas, mom!” That’s what my sweet daughter, Cait said to me one day when we were ………..
……….  planning her wedding. She had graduated from college that May and we had the whole summer to get ready for the big celebration in August. I kept thinking of ideas, crazy ideas like making 1000 shortbread cookies in four concentric sizes, stacking them up to resemble miniature wedding cakes, then packing them in pretty little boxes for wedding favors. Oh, and there were 200 tiny pots of wheat grass we grew that summer which were used as place card holders on the reception tables. The ideas went on and on. But one day, with the wedding only two weeks away, I started with another brainstorm: “I have an idea!”………….  Cait looked at me and said, “No more ideas, mom!” I laughed and realized perhaps it was time to turn off the “endless imagination” switch.

I’m that way with cooking too. I’m forever thinking up recipe concoctions I want to try. This past weekend, for example, I got the idea to make Baked Strawberry Donuts, something I thought would be fun and delicious for Valentine’s Day. I remember how crazy good the baked donuts I made this past fall were. I was also thinking about how pretty and fun these new ones would be on the blog (with little pink sprinkles), and how much YOU would love them. NOT. Three disastrous batches later, I decided to put that idea on the shelf.

Then there was bright idea I had for the kale Greek salad. It sounded so good ……….. and it was. But it was decidedly unphotogenic. I made it on Sunday: after trying three different angles for photographing it and they all looked like crud, we gave up. Though lunch was quite tasty, I said to myself, “No more ideas (thanks Cait)”.

It was a pretty disastrous weekend, at least from a culinary sense. I felt like I’d lost my touch, but was reminded of some words of wisdom from my dear husband: “If you’re going to have great recipe successes, you’ll have to be willing to accept great failures and flops too.” I love that man!

But speaking of successes, I do have a wonderful recipe you must try. I took this Mediterranean Chicken & Shrimp w/ Lemon & Feta to my son and daughter-in-law’s home for dinner one night last week. It was deemed “most definitely blog worthy” by all. Check it out over at PARADE Magazine!

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