Five Delicious Springtime Desserts

Five Delicious Springtime Desserts -  with Easter, Mother's Day, graduations, etc. this time of the year calls for lots of special desserts. Here are a few of our favorites!

It’s official!

Welcome Spring! We’re so happy you’ve arrived, though in some parts of the country (and world) it may a reality only on the calendar. Despite what the thermometer or forecast might report, we know that your arrival is a promise of warmer days to come!

Just when it seems the winter will never end and we’ll be layering sweaters, coats, hats scarves, etc. forever – suddenly spring sneaks in. Without warning, tiny, almost imperceptible buds begin to appear on long barren branches. Crocus and daffodil shoots, a wonderful sight for winter-sore eyes, can be spotted here and there, magically emerging from the seemingly dead earth. Sweet sounds of songbirds begin to fill the morning spaces and spring rains create a delicious, earthy perfume that isn’t replicated in any other season.

Scott and I spent a few days this week vacationing with friends on Bald Head Island, a beautiful little getaway destination just off the coast of North Carolina. It’s a bit warmer there, as it’s a couple hundred miles south of our home in Raleigh, so we saw lots of lovely signs of spring; with redbuds, daffodils and rosemary blooming as we biked and explored the island. Of course, Scott had his camera in tow everywhere we went!


Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island
We climbed the 131 steps of “Old Baldy”, the oldest light house in North Carolina, built in 1817. The view from the top was magnificent!

Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island

Bald Head Island


View from the top of Old Baldy


Bald Head Island
The very best part of our trip was being with dear friends. We caught up on each other’s lives, laughed a lot, explored the island and enjoyed wonderful meals together. Being with them is as rejuvenating to our spirits as springtime is to the dreary winter landscape.


With spring comes all sort of special occasions; like Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations, showers for June weddings, etc. And special occasions always call for extra special desserts. Thought I’d share a few of our favorite sweet treats for springtime.

Super-Easy, Crazy-Good Carrot Cake Bars - the name says it all but there's a secret ingredient you won't believe!

Carrot Cake Bars – you’ll flip twice for these amazing delights; first, when you see how super-easy these delicious bars are to make, and second, when you discover what the secret ingredient is! When I first made these bars, I gave a pan of them to my daughter and asked her to let me know if they were, “blog worthy” she texted me later that day; “110% blog worthy!”

Double Glazed Poppy Seed Citrus Tea Cake 1

Poppy Seed Citrus Tea Cake – everyone seems to love this yummy loaf cake with a delicious double glaze. It’s perfect for snacks, brunch, dessert or just when you have a need for something sweet and full of citrusy spring sunshine!

Chocolate Pots de Crème - A rich, decadent, French-inspired chocolate dessert for all seasons. Chocolate Pots de Crème is quick and easy to make in 10 minutes. Mint Basil Syrup - sweet and refreshing this syrup is wonderful on fresh fruit, desserts, yogurt, ice cream, in tea...

Chocolate Pots de Créme – every recipe round up needs to have something decadent and chocolatey. These French-inspired little desserts are so easy, and come together (minus refrigerator time) in less than 10 minutes. There’s an optional (but heavenly) Mint Basil Syrup that can be drizzled over the top to add a delicious freshness.

Key Lime Pie with Coconut Pecan Crust - if you're a key-lime lover, you'll go CRAZY over this. It's a classy step up from your ordinary key lime pie.

Key Lime Tarts with Coconut-Pecan Crust – if you’re a key-lime lover, you’ll go CRAZY over these. It’s a classy step up from your ordinary key lime pie.

Lemon Chess Tart - Amazing "Old-Fashioned" flavor. This updated version of a wonderful "generational" family recipe is simply delicious.

Lemon Chess Tart with Shortbread Crust – the fresh taste of lemon always seems to shout “spring!” to me. This tart is an updated version of a wonderful, but simple “generational” family recipe and it’s simply delicious! Honestly, this one of my favorite desserts ever!

So there you have it! Five Delicious Springtime Desserts for your upcoming celebrations. They can all be made in advance and are definitely crowd pleasers. Bon Appetit and Happy Spring!




23 thoughts on “Five Delicious Springtime Desserts”

  • Chris, I have so enjoyed all your recipes and e-mails. I would like to share with my daughter and get her signed up to receive them also. Her name below.


    Nedra Cummings

  • Chris, Thank you for the stream of inspiring recipes attuned to the seasons. I have made soups and salads from time to time to brighten up a dull British winter. I made the Lemon Chess pie this weekend as a special treat for a Sunday lunch when my daughter and her lovely boyfriend came to stay. It was a refreshing finale served with a little blob of crime fraiche to a roast leg of lamb main course and it was equally delicious served cold from the fridge yesterday. I reduced the sugar by half a cup and added more lemon juice (we have two diabetics in the house so we are sugar-aware) . I am glad to say that the changes did not seem to,affect the consistency of the filling. The creme fraiche provided a good balance to the sweetly tangy tart.
    We have spent many happy holidays along the East side of your wonderful country, from Bangor Maine, down to Key West, so I love to see the pictures that Scott takes of your travels and favourite places nearer home.

  • Happy Spring! Truly, a wonderful spring dessert recipe round up! I love that you snuck in the lovely Mint Basil Syrup. I simply must get my basil on soon…it goes so well with berries and I just stocked up! Thank you for sharing, my friends. Enjoyed the photo essay as well. 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead! xo

  • Great shots..How cute are you?

    The 3 amigos in the phone booth is a great great happy pic..should be in a frame to remember every time you look at it..And the one of you w/ your phone taken from above:)
    Lovely rich post in photos..and recipes.

  • Happy Spring! What a fun vacation! My husband is a lighthouse enthusiast and we love to visit lighthouses whenever we get the chance. It’s so nice to see flowers blooming- it gives me hope that we’ll soon see some here. Love all of your spring desserts- it’s hard to choose a favorite! 🙂

    • Thanks Marigene! I can make cakes but I”m not that good at cutting them. If I want them to look really good, I’ll ask Scott to cut them. I wash off his knife in between cuts for pretty, clean edges.

  • Looks like a wonderful getaway, Chris. Being with dear friends is the BEST! Its so much fun for the rest of us to get a glimpse of your life through Scott’s camera lens! Beautiful. Your post was great timing for me. In the next few months I am in charge of dessert for several spring-summer events. The carrot bars and the lemon chess pie are going on my list! Thanks!

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