Best Summer Recipes

Best Summer Recipes; a few of our very favorite summer recipes here at The Café.

The Café is temporarily closed. Well maybe its better to say we’re taking a little ……… siesta! It’s not a closing or siesta of our own volition.  Just one of those things that happens; my beloved Mac iBook is in the shop because, somehow, every last picture we’ve taken in the last year has disappeared. Yup, you heard that right. All of our family, food, vacation, etc. pictures are gone ………. the entire library!

Our prayer is that the magicians at MacVantage, our local Mac specialty shop, can work a miracle and restore the hard drive. That may take a few days so we thought that, in the meantime, we’d share a few of our favorite, best summer recipes. Hopefully we’ll be back in business soon – hope you enjoy these great summer recipes till then!

These Tomato, Avocado and Fresh Mozzarella Tartines are amazing, we could eat them every day in the summer!


Tomato, Avocado and Fresh Mozzarella Tartines
Tomato Avocado And Fresh Mozzarella Tartines

Oh my! These Smashed Potatoes with Fresh Herb Gremolata might just be the most crazy-good potatoes you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. They’re great with just about any summer grilled entree. It seems that no matter now many I make, there’s never quite enough. I love that you can do much of the work ahead of time.

Smashed Potatoes with Fresh Herb Gremolata - these are fabulous. Everyone goes crazy over them! Whatever you do, just be sure to make PLENTY!
Smashed Potatoes with Fresh Herb Gremolata

My daughter-in-law Lindsay, made this Roasted Shrimp and Orzo for us. It’s just amazing and such an easy dish to put together. It’s just perfect for a light, summer meal.

Roasted Shrimp and Orzo. A perfect simple, summer meal!
 Roasted Shrimp and Orzo

Raspberry Honey-Jalapeño Vinaigrette is a favorite summer salad dressing here at The Café; it’s sweet and spicy and super delicious!

Raspberry Honey Jalapeño Vinaigrette; it's sweet and spicy and super delicious!
Raspberry Honey-Jalapeño Vinaigrette

And for the most fun, summer treat in the sweet category, you must give these delightful Blackberry Glazed Yeast Donuts a try. You’ll be a hero, for sure!

Blackberry Glazed Homemade Yeast Donuts, a delicious taste of summer!
 Blackberry Glazed Homemade Yeast Donuts

We’ll be back as soon as possible with Scott’s post #2 on our California Coast Road Trip  and lots of great summer recipes. We’re still creating and shooting despite the computer problems. Today we made and shot Jar Cheesecakes with Ganache and Fresh Raspberry Sauce. They’ll be perfect for parties and picnics this summer – on the blog soon!

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  • Oh Chris!! I thought I saw that on FB, but was hoping I had read incorrectly. Simply devastating!!!! I do hope that some magic happens and they all come back. Here’s a little prayer for your sick Mac and all of our fingers are crossed!!!

  • Gasp! That’s heartbreaking! I know; it happened to me, and I, a scrapbooking grandmother, lost a whole year’s worth of my grandson’s photos and my layouts. I was heartbroken. Now, though, there’s no chance. Please, take a look at Carbonite. Their program backs up every single thing you do without you having to lift a finger or touch a single key. It’s all automatic. Because I live in a weather disaster area and whole houses can disappear, I chose to let my files live in the cloud as well as in my computer for $50 a year. It’s SO worth it! (All three of the expensive external hard drives I had been using died exactly one year after buying them; don’t go there, please!)

  • Ugh, I’m so sorry about your computer! Fingers crossed that some whiz kid can retrieve all your lost photos. I’m so glad you re-shared these terrific recipes…just wish it wasn’t under these circumstances. xo

  • Oh, what an awful thing to happen! I hope MacVantage can work some magic. If not, there are firms that specialize in data recovery (or so I’ve read on PhotoNet). I’ve learned to back everything up. Immediately after I take pictures, I back up to an external hard drive. Then I have all finished pictures archived on another hard drive, and back that up from time to time (not as often as I should). Hope everything turns out for the best.

  • It all sounds so very good – can’t wait to try the dressing!
    Good luck with the repairs to your machine!

  • Oh gosh, I know that dreadful feeling and hope they can do a miracle for you! Your recipe roundup will tide me over until the cheesecakes post – yum!

  • Hi Chris, so sorry, that happened to me back in February, the drive was gone but somehow my pictures were saved. I was just noticing this evening that your pictures are really, really nice with all the colors, food and props. Very nice!

  • I too hope that you can recover all your treasured pictures. I look forward to each and every one of your posts. This is my favorite food blog. Best wishes.

  • I read that first paragraph and nearly choked. You poor things! I pray it can all be restored. I went out recently and bought a usb terabyte drive to hold my raw photos. If my pics were even close to as good as yours I’d be crying. Fingers crossed!

  • Computers are great Chris, when they work! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, hope they can save your pics:@)

  • Oh dear – fingers crossed that all those pictures are recovered !! Thanks for such a lovely line up of goodies to keep us occupied:)

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