Everything From Soup to Nuts – Six Seasonal Recipes You’ll Love!

Are you savoring this magnificent fall season? Here in North Carolina, the trees and foliage are in, what I call, their final glory-dance, showing off in dazzling shades of gold, orange and red before they retreat for a long winter nap. I’m trying to enjoy every moment, knowing these beautiful, cool, crisp days will soon be just a pleasant memory.

The culinary flavors of fall also have me quite smitten right now. In another month they’ll give way to holiday and winter ingredients like gingerbread, candy canes and citrus but for now I’m relishing every morsel of autumn.  Recently, while perusing our Café archives I came across some ………….
…………. delightful recipes from years gone by. I’d all but forgotten about these quintessentially fall selections and felt like I was being reacquainted with old friends. I decided to resurrect a few favorites and thought you might like to come along for the ride …………..

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