Headed to London to Visit My Valentines!

I'm Headed to London to Visit My Valentines! Follow Chris and The Cafe as they wing their way to London.

I’ll be winging my way to London today to visit my daughter and her family and I can hardly wait to arrive!

 I have three of the cutest little Valentines that you’ll ever want to meet waiting to greet me – oh, and in case you aren’t a regular here at The Café, you’ll soon discover that I’m hopelessly smitten over these three little granddaughters!
Check back tomorrow for a wonderful Strawberry-Pineapple Salsa (click for picture) recipe that I’ve been tinkering with and tweaking over the last few weeks – it’s finally perfect and ready for YOU!
 I’ll be sharing some fun recipes over the next two weeks from London and Samoëns, the little French mountain village where we’ll be spending time skiing and exploring the cuisine of France. I also have a few guest bloggers lined up that you won’t want to miss! Bon Appetit till tomorrow!

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