A Saturday Surprise – The Vanilla Ritual and a Few Sweet Treats

Yesterday I shared some yummy Blueberry Muffins with Lemon/Sugar Topping that I made with my granddaughters who are visiting from England. We started baking together when they were very young and been having fun coming up with delicious treats for the rest of the family ever since. We have a bit of a silly ritual that we HAVE to do every time we bake. This is how it works: When it comes time to add the vanilla towhat we’re making, everyone has to first take a whiff, and then roll (and I mean roll! – see the pictures below) our eyes and swoon in delight! It’s a crazy tradition that has us cracking up time after time, checking out each other’s funny faces!

A difficult job but someone has to do it!!

Thought you might want to try out our little game! Here are a few fun sweet treat ideas!

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