Saturday Surprise – Wedding Day!!!!!!

My sister is getting married today!…………….
Sadly, I can’t attend the wedding due to vacation plans made with my children over a year ago, but my post today is in celebration and honor of this special day! I have three sisters (and two brothers); all of them so dear to me, but today I want to salute my sister Marlene and her soon-to-be husband, John.

Let me tell you just a bit about Marlene. If you met her, I know that you’d love her – she is one of the warmest, sweetest, funniest, most delightful and creative women I know! I often call her “my Renaissance Woman”. Her achievements are really beyond remarkable. She’s a wonderful mother to three talented grown children, a grandmother extraordinaire :), a talented artist and a very successful business woman. Marlene is the brainchild and Executive Director of an innovative non-profit organization called SHARPS Literacy Inc. Check out the SHARPS website and see the amazing work that Marlene and her team have done to help children in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Because I couldn’t be at the wedding, I wanted to do something unique and fun to celebrate this day. I tossed around a bunch of ideas and finally decided that I would make Marlene and John a special cake. I decided on a delicate yellow layer cake with several layers of raspberry filling along with a center layer of chocolate ganache. I made a vanilla buttercream icing and covered the entire cake with roses. I decorated it with some fresh flowers and I think it turned out quite wedding-esque!

You might be wondering how I’ll get this special cake to my sister in time for the wedding……….. I won’t, it’s just in honor of her; you see, it’s a virtual wedding cake. That’s the fun of the internet these days! But you can be sure that I will be recreating this cake for Marlene and my other sweet sisters this fall when we have our “sister’s weekend”!  And that’s a promise! Just think, we can sit and eat cake and look at pictures and re-live the wedding! I can’t wait, but until then, Scott and I send the bride and groom our best wishes and we pray for God’s richest blessings on them as they begin this new adventure of life!!


P.S. Oh, and by the way… my family and I did sample the cake…………… I mean……… well…… someone had to make sure that it was worthy of this memorable occasion! There was a unanimous thumbs up by all! 🙂 Just in case you want to make a celebration cake like this, I used the following recipes:

For the cake – A super simple, no fuss, light and delicious yellow cake – Perfect Homemade Yellow Cake from Chef Talk.

For the Raspberry Layer I used my Raspberry Jam – just like The Fruits of the Forest Jam but only using raspberries.

For the Ganache Layer – The same ganache as in Raspberry Heaven – I just whipped vigorously with a whisk after it cooled to fluff it up a bit.

For the Butter Cream Icing – One of the best I’ve ever tasted from Savory Sweet Life – Classic Butter Cream Icing…..yum, yum, yum!

Inspiration for the Rose Cake –  Came from an awesome blog that I love to check out; I am Baker by Manda. Manda is an unbelievably talented baker and cake decorator and is always an inspiration to me. Please don’t compare my cake with Manda’s beautiful Rose Cake; I don’t fancy myself to be a cake decorator, but had some fun using her idea.


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