A Wonderful Recipe: Fresh Basil Plants 12 for $2.50!!!

36 thoughts on “A Wonderful Recipe: Fresh Basil Plants 12 for $2.50!!!”

  • Amazing! I never knew that you could take cuttings of basil and it is so expensive to buy here. I am going to buy a hydroponically grown pot of it tomorrow, from the supermarket, and start multiplying. Thanks for sharing:)

    My 3 year old Nephew loves basil so much that when he is sitting having dinner with my brother and his fiance, he will suddenly climb off his chair, run onto the patio, then return with a handful of basil and sprinkle the leaves on whatever he is eating!


    Rose xxx

  • Deanna, I do baby my new plants a bit. They need a little transition from inside the house to outside. You might try putting them outside but not in the direct sunlight for a few days and then gradually move them to the sunshine. Make sure the weather is warm and give them really good drainage and LOTS of water to start with. That is one of the secrets to growing herbs – the drainage combined with the water. We water several times a day when the little babies are just starting out and when the days are really sunny and hot. Once they seem to be established, my husband starts fertilizing them regularly. A lot of people say not to fertilize herbs but with the drip system we use the soil gets leached from the frequent water ins so the herbs do quite well with regular shots of very diluted fertilizer and you can really tell when it’s time to feed them as they get a bit wimpy and lackluster.

  • I can root them in water great. But the moment I go from water to dirt, they just die. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? I have even let them got loads and loads of roots before switching to dirt.

  • It’s okay Ginny – you have other amazing gifts even if you haven’t cooked with fresh herbs. But try it, you just might get hooked!
    Oh, and as far as cutting up the plant, it’s bit like discipling children, painful at the moment, but reaping great rewards! 🙂

  • O.K. prepare yourself, but I have never worked with or cooked with fresh herbs!! And I really need to, i LOVE basil!! It would also be good on fresh tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and some olive oil. I would hate to cut up those beautiful full leaves, though!! But I love the way you show us how to propagate them!!

  • Thanks for the basil propagating tip! It’s easy to wipe out a whole plant for one recipe,lol! Poor little plant! I also like growing different types, the purple one is so pretty and the Thai basil is excellent 😉

  • How cool! I use a ton of basil as well. I am definitely going to try this — I pinned it to my “Things to Try” board on Pinterest. Thanks for the tip — Lynn

  • This is absolutely wonderful!! I love that you split up the basil and put them in vases! Amazing for so many reasons, they smell amazing, they’re gorgeous & you can constantly use them for cooking! Awesome post! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for sharing “Basil 101”..lol..I love using fresh basil in my recipes and you gave a great way to multiply the plants!!!Have a great day,XO

  • I’ve got 11 new pots of basil started. I’ve got Thai and Greek basil this time. I love making pesto with Greek basil.

    I always start mine from seed so I don’t know how much they cost but not a lot. We use herbs with every meal. They make such a difference to the finished dish.

    Your basil idea is perfect. Maybe I could get 50 pots going. 🙂 I could feed the world!

  • I tried growing basil once and had a huge problem with flies. They didn’t look like ordinary flies and it creeped me out. Any suggestions for keeping the bugs at bay?

  • I’ve never grown basil before but have always wanted to. I feel like I have a black thumb maybe because I’ve never grown much. This sounds so easy and would be so nice to grow, especially since I’m always making pesto. Thanks for sharing your personal tips.

  • I love your post today, ok I love your posts everyday. I love the idea with the basil! I am going to do this for sure. I just need to locate a basil plant. Basil is one of my favorite herbs and did you know if you plant a basil plant next to tomatoes you get the most delicious tasting tomatoes ever. There a perfect companion in gardening and on the plate!

  • Oh wow, I must get myself a basil plant and try this! I was discussing basil plants on twitter just this morning, and my friends there convinced me to get one (even though I have zero gardening experience). I absolutely love the taste of basil!

  • Good day!I learned to use basil in cooking after my holidays in Thailand many years ago! At that time, I didn’t cook regularly. The Thai used it to stir fry with chicken & dried chilli & that was the most impressive dish I had there & though it is a common dish & can be found in Sydney, the taste can’t be compared to the authentic flavour that I had in Thailand!

    Thanks for sharing how to grow basil! I’ve bought 2 rectangle pots, thinking to grow some fresh herbs like basil, mint & coriander but these pots are still sitting in my garage! I’m not good in gardening! In fact, every plant that I’ve grown in Australia doesn’t seem to grow for long, sigh, don’t want to buy & kill the plants in this case, haha!

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