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46 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  • Oh, My Goodness! You’re Julia and Paul Child all over again. I just discovered you through Pinterest, and I’m impressed! Hopping back to subscribe. Love the way your Café name came about.

    By the way, the email address above wouldn’t work.

  • In your Morning Glory muffins with Candied pecan topping – could coconut flour be substituted for the whole wheat flour and in what proportion? Thank you!

    • Hi Autumn,
      I think you’re talking about the Mexican Chopped Salad. Yes, you can make the dressing a few days in advance. I would put the ingredients together the day you’re going to serve it, not the night before. It will be good the next day but not quite as fresh.

  • Just made your tomato, basil focaccia bread and it is delicious!! I recently had tomato focaccia in a local restaurant which had a wet, moist finish on top with the tomatoes. Any suggestions as to what I could use to make it moist on top? Can’t wait to have a sandwich made with your focaccia. Thanks for your recipes!!

    • Hi Ruth, so happy you enjoyed it. I’d almost have to see the focaccia to be able to figure out what they did. Maybe more of a sauce on the top instead of fresh tomatoes??

  • Hi, I recently discovered your web site and it is one of the best on the net for cooking enthusiast like me. Congratulations for great job, everything is perfect, recipes, description and fabulous photographies.

    There is only one thing I would like to ask you, people around the worild are reading your recipes, not only in US or UK and it would be great to have measures we can follow without converter (not only pounds/ ounces….but also grams, ml ….). Hope it would not be a trouble for you.

    Wish you all the best,

    • Thank you Gorilla for your kind words. I appreciate your encouragement.
      You’re right, I do need to add the grams, ml, etc. I have dragged my feet on that as it is more work but I’m going to try to add that going forward!

  • Hi, I want to make a layer cake. Can I double the recipe to make this cake? Also I have safflower oil. Can I use that? Thank you.

  • I have tried to sign up for your emails and newsletter but haven’t received anything in my emails . Please help. I love the cafe and have tried many of your recipes and loved everyone of them as well as passing them on to friends.
    Thanks so much.

  • I was delighted to come across your charming and well put together site. I have already pinned many of your recipes for future use. I am a chef in Twickenham, London and am always on the lookout for gorgeous ideas. Thank you. Penny

    • Thank you so much Penny, it’s an honor to have a chef’s compliments! Our daughter has lived in London for 7 years so we have visited frequently! We LOVE London and enjoy biking the Thames to Richmond. Your area is so lovely!

  • Hi, I found your website while looking for a pepper jelly recipe and oh my gosh what a beautiful website. The pictures are beautiful and so far I’ve tried three of the recipes, all winners. I just made the Buttermilk biscuits to test for Easter brunch. Easy and delicious. Now I’ve found my go-to recipe.
    Thank you so much for being my “test kitchen”.

  • Dear Chris & Scott – your blog is one of the most beautiful, fresh, and tempting ever. I have made several of your freezer jams to great success. Now, I have a bunch of Meyer lemons and am wondering if you have experimented with just Meyer lemon marmalade? I was looking at your Meyer lemon, orange & fresh ginger marmalade and thinking I could try this with just the lemons. Any thoughts on proportions. Thanks.

    • Thank you Carole, you are so encouraging 🙂 I haven’t tried the marmalade with just Meyer lemon but I think it will definitely work! There’s lots of natural pectin in lemons so there shouldn’t be a problem. I wish I could enjoy an English muffin tomorrow morning with your marmalade!

  • Please do something about your ‘print’ link on your recipes. It is always blank when it opens my printer on my iPad. I have to go to my print symbol and blank out unneeded pages (sometimes 30-40!) otherwise, great. Is there something different I must do? I’m subscribed.

  • Do you have a yummy chocolate brownie recipe please I do enjoy all your recipes all of them I have justbmade some delicious soup this morning for lunch

  • I’m on this new cleanse, and your website is lovely. Lov your photos, lov the story you tell about each item. Thank you for the printable receipt.

  • Why canola oil for your almond cake? It is a GMO and makes many people including myself very sick. I love the recipe, would butter work?

  • Dear Cris,
    Just downloaded your delicious sounding Black Bean and Chicken Sausage Tortilla soup and I can’t find the Chicken sausage mentioned in the recipe. What kind, how much, when to add??
    thanks for your help.

  • I made the roasted sweet potato and carrot soup over the weekend. Absolutely delish. But your recipe didn’t say when or where to add the brown sugar. I figured it was to the bowl of spices (ginger, etc.) Hope I was right. Hubby loves it – almost as much as my Hot and Sour soup! I also think bits of rotissaried chicken would be good in it.

  • Hi guys,

    Love everything about uour site and use your recipes often but I seem to struggle with searching for recipes. At the moment i am away and cant find the dressing recipes that i have used before. One is the mango and the other avocado. No matter how i type them in i cant get your dressings. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  • Hi Chris; I’m a new subscriber and was delighted to discover your recipe for Microwave (Real Deal) Caramel Sauce. Now, I’m wondering if, by any chance, you have one for Microwave Bearnaise Sauce? 🙂

  • i just had to tell you i baked your “unbelievably easy arrtisan roll”…what fun i had..i decided to follow your recipe in one batch and the next i used 2 1/4 tsp yeast from KAF….i thought what the heck nothing to loose…and i coated the bowl with vegetable oil and they both did so good….i made your cheese ball with the sage you warm up in the butter and it was a hit as well….your recipes are so yummy and heart felt for all us bakers and cooks…..merry christmas to you and your family…..i’m gonna try freezing these rolls and see how they do…..what a great gift to give and give some honey and swiss cheese to have for a quick supper…..just wanted to say thank you and see what you think of my idea using more yeast….they both got “shaggy”…that word has made me laugh for two days..and we girls gotta laugh don’t we?…..God bless your home with contentment and joy that only our Lord gives us….sincerely,deborah

  • Is the cafe an extension of the original website? How do I find the recipe for the peppermint mocha (better than Starbucks)? How do I find the entry for the kitchen aid coffee maker? The new website is great but I’m a bit confused as to if this is a replacement of the original? Thanks for all your great recipes!!

    • Hi Polly,

      This is the same website as always, just a different look and we’re giving you more options to explore recipes that we’ve already shared in the past. The Peppermint Mocha Recipe will be coming out on Friday as will the opportunity to enter the espresso maker giveaway. If you’re on the email list, you’ll get that post in your inbox 🙂

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