The Story of The Café

Café Logo

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a cake plate with a glass dome sitting on my kitchen counter. As our children were growing up, we often entertained their friends in our home. I tried to always have something delicious for them under “the dome”.  Their friends quickly learned to check out this stash the minute they walked in the door.

In those days, I also had some pretty Delft blue and white canisters on my counter that had the French words for tea, coffee, sugar and flour (the, café, sucre and farine) written on them.

Blue and White Canisters

My son Nick, had a best friend all through his school years named Jon, who spent quite a bit of time at our house. Jon loved to eat my treats. One day, while enjoying a piece of chocolate cake, he glanced at the canisters and blurted out, “That’s it, Mrs. Scheuer! The name of your restaurant should be The Café Sucre Farine!”

I thought it was such a fun name. While I’ve never had aspirations to start a restaurant, I knew when I began thinking about doing a food blog, this had to be the name.

Thanks Jon!

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