Best Ever Homemade Flour Tortillas

Homemade Flour Tortillas, so easy, SO good!
This one’s been a long time coming, years actually, I’ve been trying out recipes for homemade flour tortillas for quite some time now, but I’ve never been thrilled with any of them. Definitely not thrilled enough to blog them ……. too dry, too sticky, too crisp, too bland, too soggy, too complicated ….. this time however, it’s different.

I LOVE the results and I think you will too. These Best Ever Homemade Flour Tortillas are tender, soft and flavorful. Because they keep well, they can be made in advance and warmed in the microwave or on the stovetop just before serving.

Homemade Flour Tortillas, so easy, SO good!
And EASY, they’re super easy! If you have a mixer with a dough hook, you can have the dough made in less than five minutes (if not, maybe ten at the most). Then all you do is portion it, roll each piece nice and thin, and give them a sear (one-two minutes!) in a hot, dry pan. Voila! Once you take the first taste, you’ll NEVER want pre-packaged tortillas again.

Homemade Flour Tortillas, so easy, SO good!
These Best Ever Homemade Flour Tortillas will make any South of the Border meal extraordinary ………. but this is the REALLY cool thing; they also make fabulous, super thin crust pizzas. Just brush them lightly with olive oil and top with your favorite pizza ingredients. I love pesto, a bit of fresh mozzarella, smokey bacon bits and a sprinkle of pine nuts and/or fresh herbs. Pop them in a piping hot (450˚F) oven for 4-5 minutes or until crispy golden brown.

This may well be one of the most delicious pizzas you ever have the pleasure of meeting. Imagine coming home after a busy day and having a stash of these tortillas (aka pizza crusts) in the freezer. Throw together a fresh salad and an individual pizza for each family member and they’ll be “WOWING” you all evening long!

I’ve also used these Best Ever Homemade Flour Tortillas for wonderful sandwich wraps and I’ve spread them with a bit of butter, then a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and rolled them up for a quick sweet treat. They make fabulous, shatteringly crisp crackers too. Just brush one with a teaspoon of olive oil, then sprinkle lightly with sea salt. Bake for 5 minutes at 450˚F. and you won’t even believe how delicious they are on their own or broken into irregular pieces and used to dip hummus, salsa et.

Can you tell I’m excited about these guys? You will be too and I have a feeling, once you try them, you won’t want to be without a cache of these tortillas in your freezer. They’re honestly, almost too good to be true! Almost.

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Best Ever! Homemade Flour Tortillas
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
These are so simple and unbelievably delicious!
Recipe type: Bread
Cuisine: International
Serves: 16
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ⅓ cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup warm water
  1. Combine flour, salt and baking powder in the bowl of a stand mixer. With the dough hook attached mix dry ingredients until well combined. Add oil and water with mixer running at a medium speed. Mix for 1 minute, stopping several timesto scrape the sides of the bowl. After about 1 minute, or when mixture comes together and begins to form a ball, decrease mixing speed to low. Continue to mix for 1 minute or until dough is smooth.
  2. Transfer from mixing bowl to a well-floured work surface. Divide dough in half, then in half again. Continue until you have 16 fairly equal portions. Form each piece into a ball and flatten with the palm of your hand as much as possible. If dough is sticky, use a bit more flour. Cover flattened balls of dough with a clean kitchen towel and allow to rest for 15 minutes before proceeding.
  3. After rest period, heat a large pan over medium-high heat. Roll each dough piece into a rough circle, about 6-7 inches in diameter, keep work surface and rolling pin lightly floured. Don’t stack uncooked tortillas on top of each other or they will get soggy.
  4. When pan is very hot, place one dough circle into pan and allow to cook about 1 minute or until bottom surface has a few pale brown spots. The uncooked surface will begin to show a few little bubbles. If tortilla is browning too fast, reduced heat a bit. If it’s taking longer than a minute to see a few pale golden brown spots on underside of tortillas, increase heat a bit. Flip to other side and cook for about 30 seconds. You want the tortilla to be soft but have a few small pale golden brown spots on surface. Remove from pan with tongs and stack in a covered container or zippered bag till all tortillas are cooked. This will keep them soft and pliable.
  5. Wipe out the pan inbetween tortillas if flour is started to accumulate.
  6. Serve warm or allow to cool for later use. When ready to use, place a slightly damp paper towel in the bottom of a container (with a cover) that will hold the stacked tortillas. Microwave, uncovered for 15-25 seconds (start with 15) or until warm, then cover to hold heat while serving.
  7. The tortillas will keep well stored in an airtight container or zippered bag at at room temperature for 24 hours or can be frozen indefinitely. To freeze, separate tortillas with parchment paper or waxed paper and place in a zippered bag before placing in freezer.
Adapted from




    • IHL20104 says

      I thought You need to let the dough set for 15 minutes to permit the yeast to ferment in the dough.

      • Oskar says

        This recipe doesn’t contain yeast, but baking powder instead. Baking powder doesn’t need time to ferment :)

          • Heidi says

            All I had was wheat flour and followed the recipe. My tortillas came out stiff as a cracker. :) I’m not a cook so I’m not surprised, but I wondered what I did incorrectly that would make them turn out stiff rather than flimsy as a tortilla should be?

          • Heidi says

            Actually, I think all I had in my flour container was pastry flour. So, I’m wondering if that could have been the cause of the stiffness.

            I used a food processor set on dough setting to mix as prescribed in your recipe. I let dough sit for 15 minutes after rolling them in balls. Then, heat in an electric frying pan.

            Definitely great for a pizza crust and juevos rancheros, but too stiff for wrapping.

          • LC says

            I just tried with all King Arthur white whole wheat and they were fine.. (I mention the brand only because I have found it to be finer ground than other brands I’ve tried. They used slightly less extra flour for rolling, but other than that they came out the same.

          • acc says

            if you want to use wheat flour, I would suggest using only 3/4 cup ,….and they will be pliable.

            I have made this recipe several times now, and have replaced 2 table spoons of flour with 2 tablespoons of either – rice starch/tapioca starch/potato starch. That is called “baking flour”.
            It makes for a pliable tortilla. Also a pinch of xanthan gum helps too..
            All these replacements bind (like eggs).

            note* placing ANY flour item in the refer, changes the molecular structure of the natural sugars in breads, and makes them crumbly. Best if used asap,

            The recipe is great AS IS! . . . Just don’t over cook!

            Bon Appe”tit

    • Linda says

      I use self rising flour in all recipes that call for flour! Just don’t use when rolling out cookie dough, bread or stuff that can taste salty. I also put my dough in between two sheets of wax paper and roll out with a rolling pin. I use very little flour and use very little flour and a lot less mess! I am all for less mess. These are great!

      • Russ says

        Just made these using a cast iron skillet with just a light coating of olive oil. No sticking whatsoever. And they came out awesome! I am going to add a little bit of sweet cream butter next time and see how they come out.

    • josh says

      My girlfriend and her family are half Spanish (spain) and half Mexican they use a iron skillet a well seasoned skillet will add flavor

    • Liz says


      I bought an electric roti press at the local second hand store, it works so great with this recipe! I like so many cooks cannot help myself and tampered with the recipe. I use 1 cup of whole wheat and 2 cups of white flour. My family and I are eating them with Indian food and with Mexican food and using them to wrap salads.

      Thank you so much for all your experimenting.

  1. says

    They look so good, and lighter than the bought kind. If you make the pizza with them, don’t you need to toast them or put them in the oven a few minutes before you add the toppings?

    • says

      Yes Ginny, I do brush them VERY lightly with olive oil then pop them in the oven for just a minute or so to crisp. Then top and bake a few more minutes to melt the cheese.

  2. says

    We love tortillas but I’ve never tried to make them. I will definitely try these. I wish I had your recipe the other day when I made Steak Fajitas – it would have been perfect. Yours look wonderful, soft and just the right amount of color. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. says

    Chris – I am so excited to have this recipe. We meet the kids often after church at a restaurant called Chuy’s. It is out of Houston, Texas and Nashville was one of the first cities outside of Texas to have one. One Sunday while waiting for
    the kids, I went up to the glass surrounded space where the “Mexican grandmother” makes the tortillas by hand – I loved watching her make each tortilla and placing them one by one on this revolving hot dry griddle-turning them over by hand as they passed by – she took a small piece of parchment paper and offer me one – oh my goodness that plain little warm tortilla was delicious!!! I used one of my few spanish words from 7th grade and said with a smile-gracias! It seemed to please her that I loved it. I thought of you the whole time-knowing you would have loved to see her making them by hand. Thanks-can’t wait to try them. love geenie in tennessee!

    • says

      Genie, I though about you when I made pizzas from these; they make the most incredible thin crusted, VERY crisp (just like you like), yummy pizzas. You have to try them!!

  4. says

    These look perfect. I am so familiar with the process you went through. I found it was a matter of the oil proportion in the tortillas and I see yours seems like the right ration just by looking at the photos. Gorgeous.

  5. says

    Interesting I always use masa for my corn tortillas, but I have never made flour tortillas! That looks like a doable recipe I can work with since I love to make myself breakfast burritos…sigh, I need one right now.

  6. says

    We used to spend our summers in central Mexico, where I learned to make corn tortillas by hand over a fire on a big iron pan called a comal. It was a fun cross-cultural learning experience but I never tried to duplicate the delicious results at home! Your recipe makes it sound so simple, I feel silly that I never tried.:) Thanks to this recipe, I will be changing that soon!

  7. says

    Wow Chris these are beautiful homemade tortilla! I can’t wait to give them a try, I’ve been wanting to try out a recipe but had been timid to but you have me convince with these. Also great ideas to use them too.

  8. says

    Chris, you must have read my mind – I have been looking high and low for a good and reliable recipe for Homemade Tortillas – I already printed out your recipe and since I have all that wonderful artisinal flour from my favorite mill I shall máke these beauties today and get back to you with the results later this week! Thanks so much for posting this recipe!
    Have a lovely Sunday, Chris!

  9. says

    Gosh, I haven’t made flour tortillas for ages. Or corn ones, for that matter. These look terrific! I have a big electric griddle that I usually use to make things like this – speeds things up a lot because I can do several at a time. Good stuff – thanks.

  10. says

    There is nothing better than a fresh tortilla with just a little bit of butter. Living in AZ we can get a lot of homemade ones but I have never thought to try and make them myself!

  11. says

    Oh yum. I just made homemade flour tortillas! They’re the best, aren’t they? :) And yours are so thin. Interesting! Mine are nice and thick but I guess a thin one would be nice every now and then. I’ll bookmark these for when that mood strikes. 😉

  12. Anonymous says

    Thank you. I did thrice but never had a successful result, mostly too hard to chew. Second one is almost better. I’m gonna try this recipe. Hope to be successful this time.

  13. says

    hi chris, i must try this too one day. I hv made tortillas a few times an di just gotta to give these a try some time. btw, i have made some flatbreads and use your mashed avocado and egg idea..that was really good..! will be blogging about that soon!

  14. says

    WOW! Chris, I really loved these tortillas, made these this afternoon for tacos night! I will try these for pizzas as weel:) Thanks for the recipe!

  15. says

    I was excited to see the recipe as I make tortilla’s all the time. Imagine my surprise to find it was exactly what I have been making for over 40 years! Never thought about using them for pizza tho. Will have to give that a try when the grandkids come over! Thanks for thinking outside the box!

  16. says

    The last time I tried tortillas with baking powder they really puffed up thick despite rolling them as thin as I could. Did you have this same problem at all? How do you keep them so thin?

    Thank you!

  17. says

    Hi, how did you keep the tortillas so thin and keep them from puffing up? I tried a recipe similar once with baking powder and they were more like a thick fry bread than like your beautiful tortillas. Any advice?

  18. says

    Try using a tortilla press instead of rolling them out. I have never used one but I hear they are terrific. All the tortilla’s are of equal thickness and size. Or, if you are rolling them, just roll them thinner! Keep practicing and you will get it right. Tortilla’s are such a terrific addition to a meal. Personally, I love them fresh made wrapped around a freshly roasted green chili. Now that is pure heaven! Good luck!

  19. Anonymous says

    I was thinking of trying these gluten free, since I am visiting home and my mom can’t eat gluten. Do you think it would work the same if I use a gluten free flour blend and add xanthan gum?

  20. says

    I’m probably not the best one to ask since I haven’t worked a ton w/ gluten free recipes, but it would certainly be worth a try. Please let me know how they turn out if you do try it. ~ Chris

  21. says

    I don’t normally comment on blog recipes, but I just had to say how much I LOVE these tortillas. I live in Japan, so tortillas are harder to come by, expensive, and often leave much to be desired texturally and in terms of flavor.

    I adjusted the salt to suit our tastes, but the texture of these tortillas is absolutely fabulous. The fact that they are so simple to throw together makes them even better. I definitely plan to keep a constant stock in the freezer! Thanks again!

  22. Hafii Khan says

    These are called rotis in pakistan and they’re awesome ! I grew up eating these and the other packaged stuff has never appealed to my buds. Imagine eating fresh bread every day! That smell, that texture, that taste, its incomparable!

  23. Anonymous says

    Made this recipe with my daughters this afternoon. Then had to make another batch because we shamelessly ate so many that we needed more for dinner. Easy, quick, successful and best of all DELICIOUS tortillas. Will be making many more. Thank you. Becca

  24. Nancy says

    Chris my mother in law taught me to make tortillas with a similar recipe. Reading this post brings back great memories of time spent with an amazing lady. I haven’t made them in a long time. I think I will make them this week. We call them “guess the state” tortillas because mine are rarely round. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • says

      Nancy, that’s so cool that the tortillas brought back sweet memories for you. I think you’ll love them. I’ve had so many people write back and tell how easy they were and how much they enjoyed them. Oh, don’t worry about the round shape. I think they’re much more fun rustically shaped!

    • Helen says

      We used to call it that too! Only when the kids tried to roll them out though. My mom made hers perfectly round of course. This recipe is exactly the one she used to make the best tasting tortillas I have ever had. I have tried to figure out her recipe (sadly she is no longer with us) and have been trying out ones I find on the internet. None have worked. This is the one!!

  25. Anonymous says

    I’m surprised you use vegetable oil in place of lard, a traditional ingredient (not the shelf-stable stuff) typically used in tortilla making. Also better for you as lard is monounsaturated

    • Anonymous says

      I use 1/2 cup butter flavored crisco shortening to get the butter flavor in the tortillas. Also, I use 3/4 teaspoon baking powder instead of 1 teaspoon to get a softer tortilla. I cook tortilla for 30 seconds on each side and stack them in a steaw tortilla warmer in foil and cover with kitchen towel to keep warm

  26. Anonymous says

    I made them this morning using olive oil and halfing all the ingredients so to make only half the number. They came out delicious and disappeared as fast as they came off the pan. Mine wouldn’t be good for tacos as they were a little brittle but with a big slab of butter they were delightful! Thanks for the recipe!

    • says

      Thanks for letting me know. We love these tortillas. I’m so happy you liked them. If you cook slightly less, they won’t crisp up and you can use them for tacos, etc. Also, if you stack them, after cooking, they will soften a bit too from the steam. If they last long enough to stack ………….. :)

  27. Anonymous says

    how long would these last in the fridge? I would assume like homemade bread not as long as the store bought kind right?

  28. Anonymous says

    these turned out better than my usual tortilla recipe! I think that the baking powder makes them a little fluffier. One thing that I always do is put them between two plates or into a large ziplock after cooking. This means that the steam gets trapped, and when they cool they are very pliable.

  29. says

    Thank You for sharing this recipe!!! I am on a low Sodium diet and the store bought ones are extremely high in salt. I just use a little Onion Powder and Garlic Powder instead. Also if you are rolling them out instead of using a press just roll them out once then let them rest for 10 minutes then roll them again and you can get them really thin. Amazon has really good deals in their clearance inventory on cast iron press though. Lastly you can freeze them uncooked if you put wax paper or parchment paper between them after pressing or rolling them then put them in a freezer zip lock bag and press all the air out. When you want them fresh just put them in the refrigerator overnight to thaw or on the counter if you are in a hurry. Then just cook them on the griddle and – Yummmmy!!!! Thanks again for sharing ths! My sweet Hubby cringes at the word Lard so I am pleased to use the oil instead – AWESOME!!!!! Thank You :-)!!!!!

  30. says

    These are unbelievably delicious! Now I can’t even look at the tortillas on the store shelves without seeing tasteless pieces of paper with brown spots! Ever since I discovered the recipe I have been making a double batch on Sundays for the week (or maybe two lol) ahead. It gives me 36 lovely wonderful tortillas. Thank you so much for the recipe! BTW I use melted coconut oil instead of the vegetable oil. :)

    • says

      Thanks for taking the time to get back to us Lisa, I’m so happy that you have had such good results with these tortillas. I too, couldn’t believe how wonderful they are :)

  31. says

    SO I just made these. THey taste great, but they are stiff and the dough was really tough. I used a white wheat. Could that have been it? I tried adding more water, but it just made a mess in the mixer and I had to kneed it by hand to incorporate it. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  32. says

    Hi Lauren, it could have been the white wheat. I’ve found I have a bit different results with that. You could try it again with half all purpose and half white wheat. I always use all purpose for these so that’s the only thing I can think of.

  33. says

    Came across your recipe and I think it’s great that more people want to learn to make tortillas I make them about 3 times a week my big mexican family has to have them all the time I do make them ahead if time and stack them on each other uncooked and have never been droopy or stick together but my recipe is a little different and I don’t measure my ingredients I just go by feel :)

  34. Anonymous says

    There is but one word for these… AWESOME! In about 45 minutes, I had beautiful, tasty tortillas. I ate THREE plain while frying them!

    I made tortillas once years ago, and it was a nightmare. I now know why… there was no instructions to rest the dough.

    Hubby and I eat egg burritos a couple times a week as a quick on-the-go breakfast. So this recipe will not only taste better, but will save me lots of money!

    Thanks for sharing!

  35. MaryB says

    I’ve been looking for a great tortilla recipe. One question – perhaps I missed it in the text – do you use fine (like table salt) or kosher salt? Thank you.

  36. Jameela says

    Hi, I tried yr home made tortila recipe, n must say it is really the best. My quesadillas came out really gd. Buying a pkt of tortillas is a bit costly out here. But thanks to yr recipe I dont need to buy the ready made ones. Thank u fr sharing yr recipe w us.

  37. Margareth Derrick says

    I tried this recipe last night; it turned out pretty good. I tried it with something called eggplant choka. this consists of roasted eggplant,with sauted onions pimentos and garlic, sauted in olive oil, with salt and pepper to taste. Really good with your recipe.

  38. says

    I’ve read all the reviews and cant wait to make these tomorrow, however, in the UK we don’t use cups or all purpose flour, do you have a conversion and is all purpose flour the equivalent to plain flour or self raising flour? Thanks for your help

  39. Carol says

    OMG…THANK YOU for doing the experimenting for us…these are just unbelievable…dough has the right amount of fat thus a breeze to handle and the finished tortilla is so flexible and yummy. I don’t eat sodium, so I added my substitute spice and now I can finally eat tortillas!! Thin-crust pizza, dessert…I am so excited. LOVE THEM!!

  40. says

    Thanks so much for your reply, I’m about to commence, I will check in in about an hour to let you know the results.
    These are predominantly for my husbands pack up tomorrow, no doubt he will have a try of a warm one, but they are to be filled and rolled for his lunch, so 2 options….thanks again

    • says

      Hi Rita, I honestly don’t know. I think they’re might be websites where you can enter the ingredients and it will give the nutritional facts but I’ve never used any of them.

  41. says

    So excited to try these. I just got a tortilla press and have been DYING to find the perfect recipe. These look divine.

    Thanks so much!

  42. Danette Halloran says

    I am so glad I stumbled on your blog. Can’t wait to try your recipes. Thanks for posting such great ones!

  43. Desiree Hamm says

    Hi Chris, just made these for lunch today, wrapped some tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayo, and they where just great.
    I just want to make them look as pretty as your’s, more clean than mine. Mine turned out looking a bit oily. I used Canola oil and first class flour.
    Any suggestions? Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe.

      • Hala says

        Hello Chris. I can see in one of the comments you mentioned that we should not oil the pan and in this comment you are asking Desiree to use less canola oil if she oiled the pan.
        So that means we can pour a tiny bit of oil in the pan or…??
        Thanks for taking the time to read our comments.

        • says

          Hi Hala,
          You don’t really need to add oil to the pan if using a non-stick pan but it’s not going to hurt to add a tiny bit. I’ve had other share that they did and the tortillas came out well. Have fun!

  44. says

    Thanks for the recipe, these look delicious. I’m going to try them- especially as someone said they made the dough in their bread maker (I don’t have a mixer but for some reason we have a bread maker).

    I wonder if these would work with spelt flour?

    Only one way to find out!

    • BexD says

      Hi Kirsty,
      I made these tortillas this evening using 1 1/2c white flour, 1c wholemeal flour & 1/2c spelt. It works great. Next time I’m going to increase the spelt & use 1c of each.
      They were quite crispy, but as this is the first time I’ve made them I’m not sue I can blame the flour for that…! 😉 good luck!

  45. Desiree Hamm says

    Hi, just tried this for lunch and they where great. Made tuna salad wraps. And dessert wraps.
    How can I make them a bit less oily? Your’s look so good.

    • says

      Hi, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Are you using oil when you cook them? You don’t need any oil in the pan so they shouldn’t be oily. I might not have made that clear, sorry :)

      • Desiree Hamm says

        Thanks for the reply, sorry for my double message.
        No I actually didn’t oil my non-stick pan, maybe i will try to reduce the oil a bit for my next batch. Must have something to do with the type of flour i used.
        Thanks again and more power to your great blog.
        Happy cooking!

  46. Jennifer says

    Hi Chris – you are right, I also have tried quite a few wheat flour tortilla recipes and always been underwhelmed. I had come to assume that it was because the flour here in Australia was different. These were perfect! Thank-you

  47. Richard says

    I am an American living in Indonesia and I made these today by hand and they are fantastic!! Thank you very much for a great receipe.

  48. Tobie says

    I made these last week and my kids are begging for them again! They turned out great. I was just wondering if I could use olive oil instead of vegetable oil?

  49. bvalarie says

    I made these and getting them round was a challenge any suggestions? Great recipe almost like grandma’s I will be trying with lard next time.

  50. o says

    Hi. Ive made these twice and they are great – really really great. First time I made them, I cooked them on the BBQ and impressed the guests. I use the bread maker to mix the dough, no issue at all. A question for you….what does the baking powder do? I dont use it often and sometimes when a recipe calls for it, I find mine has expired in the cupboard. What would happen if i omit this?

    • says

      Thanks for letting me know about your great results! The baking powder gives them a tiny bit of rise which makes them so soft and tender. You could certainly try it and see if it makes a difference.

  51. says

    I made these today for a taco night and they were so delicious (I find the 1 tsp of salt gives it some real flavour). Very soft and fluffy! I used bread flour instead of purpose flour, and found that worked quite well. Thanks for the recipe :)

  52. Karen says

    This recipe looks great . I’m trying to find a recipe for cinnimon tortillas, would it just be a matter of using the same recipe and adding cinnimon and other spices???

  53. Lori says

    I had no success with tortilla recipes until this one. They are so delicious and easy. My family loves them so my search has ended here. Thank you!!

  54. Eric says

    Hi, I’ve tried about three recipes, but I get the same result: the tortillas, once formed, either by rolling or with a press, spring up into a narrower but thicker disc, resulting in something between a gordita shell and a pita. They taste and look fine, but they are far too thick and small to fold or wrap, so I use them like soft tostadas. Three recipes can’t be wrong the same way, so it must be something about how I’m handling it. KA all purpose flour, I mix by hand with a pastry knife and then hand knead.

    • says

      Hi Eric,
      The only thing I can think of, is that you might be using too much flour. When you roll them out, try to use a minimal amount of flour. Also you might want to let it rest after you divide the dough so that you can roll them thinner and they won’t keep getting thicker. Try letting them rest for 10-15 minutes before trying to roll. This helps the elastic glutens to relax, hence making the rolling easier and the tortillas will stay thin. Hope that helps! Kind regards, Chris

  55. says

    I can’t wait to try these out. Living in South America has meant making even more of our staples from scratch. These are on my list of “to try” this week. My mouth is watering already :)

  56. Dana says

    Hi, these look delicious and I have two questions. First, can I use olive oil or coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, if so should I change quantities or cooking times? Also, if I wanted to make a large batch of these and freeze them, should I cook them first or freeze them uncooked? Thanks so much, I will be trying these when I make turkey tacos later this week. :)

  57. Jen T. says

    These are PERFECTION!!! We ran out of tortillas tonight, but I had already made the filling in the crockpot, so I searched for a easy homemade tortilla recipe and came upon this one. I was not disappointed. These are super easy and quick to make and the entire family loved them. Thanks so much!

  58. Jason says

    Just wanted to say a quick thanks. As a Texan living in Australia, I’m always looking for fresh tortillas. Now I make them! These came out perfect after a little trial and error.

  59. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this wonderful recipe. I am trying to avoid as many commercial food additives as possible and was unable to find tortillas which contained neither cellulose gum nor L-Cysteine so, wanting to make my own, I searched for a simple recipe and found your wonderful blog.

    The tortillas turned out beautifully and I will never resort to purchasing commercially made ones again.

  60. says

    Was looking for a quick recipe to make flour tortillas with what I had on hand, found this so decided to give it a shot. I have attempted to make tortillas in the past and always fail. I went and used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil and sea salt instead of table salt, and they turned out awesome.

  61. vanessa grubbs says

    oh wow, yummy!!!!! i made the whole recipe, but only made 8 shells instead of 16, i like mine a little thicker and bigger, and these were perfect. so soft and flaky. great recipe!!!! i will use this again and agian

  62. Sarah says

    Just made these and earned some major cred from my two older sisters who think I can’t cook… Thank you!!!

  63. says

    Made these last night for Cinco de Mayo and they were fabulous! Thanks for doing all the recipe testing. Will definitely be making these again. Not sure I can go back to store bought tortillas :)

  64. Nora1 says

    Great recipe! I used mostly whole meal flour and olive oil and they still turned out great! Thank you!

  65. Bri says

    I had an awesome day today. I woke up at 4:30 hopped on my biked and climbed some epic hills until I met the sunrise, got home and made a batch of your tortillas (only changes I made was using half whole wheat flour and putting extra salt in, because salt is too good to scrimp on ;-). Totally loved how easy they were to roll out, perfect consistency. Then I ate a spicy sautéed cabbage and scrambled egg wrap using a fresh tortilla, walked my dogs and headed to work. I love life!

  66. Misha says

    these were the most scrumptious flour tortillas! I was wondering if you have a recipe for whole wheat tortillas. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes…you are helping others live a healthy life :)

    • says

      Hi Misha, I haven’t made the tortillas with WW flour but a number of people have written me who have made them with WW and even gluten-free flour. They reported very good success with these different flours.

  67. Marianna says

    Great recipe. Thanks a bunch. I’ve tried many other, but they were all off a bit. this one is just like Rosa’s Cafe, and I love Rosa’s!

    • Janelle S says

      If the heat is too low when cooking them they will turn into rock hard disks. Just turn the heat up a bit. It might make the difference you’re looking for!

  68. Bernie says

    Thanks for the recipe it works great. I had been using lard but I found the shrinkage made it hard to roll them out big enough. The other thing I do is directly after cooking I put them in a large ziplock bag, hot. It does not make the soggy, but it does allow me to keep them over a number of days fresh, soft and ready to use. I have always found when I let them cool before packing, they got hard and or the edges get ‘crispy’. I cook mine in a large cast iron frying pan. Any balls of dough I don’t use, I wrap up and put in the fridge, when I need them I take them out and let them come to room temp. I have used them up to 3 days after making the dough and it acts like I just made it. I use a food processor to make mine. Today I made home dried tomatoes and red pepper tortillas, they needed a bit extra water to bring the dough together but they turned out great. Thanks again, it’s a great recipe.

  69. Ana N. says

    Found your recipe this afternoon and immediately proceeded to make the tortillas. They turned out wonderfully! I just bought a Kitchen Aid mixer and it sure made it easier with the dough hook. I had tried another recipe last week using shortening and the recipe was too dry. I love this recipe! I used organic flour and olive oil too so I felt pretty good serving it to my family. Thanks so much and I will be trying your pizza suggestion soon.

      • Joy Miller says

        These are terrific – so tasty! Nothing like a tortilla I’m used to from a Mexican restaurant which are soft and pliable even when heated, but others say they are just like what they’re used to so maybe my experience is based on only visiting chain restaurants that are more SW than Mexican?

        I didn’t make Frisbee’s for sure – didn’t cook them that long – but they do have a slight crisp of them that I suspect is from the oil. Maybe better for Tostadas? Heck, I’m more than happy to just eat them as is!!! Would also be great to make them slightly more crispy, cool them, and then cut them up for salad topping – yum! Will definitely make these again!

    • says

      Hi Anita, you may have cooked them a bit too long. Try cooking them less and, as soon as they’re done, slipping them into a zippered bag. This will keep them nice and soft.

  70. Natalie says

    I see that everyone else already said this – but this is seriously the best recipe that I have tried! I won’t be trying any others! I said to my husband before eating, “All the comments said “I’ll never buy store bought again.” We were both hopeful but somewhat skeptical. However, these are wonderful! The kids gobbled them up too! Thank you!!

  71. Hyo says

    I am so glad someone did the leg work on finding the best tortilla recipe. Do you think I can decrease the flour to 2 1/2 c u ps & then add in 1/2 cup of the masa harina (corn flour) to just give it that little bit of corn flavor? I am so glad to have discovered your site.. will be checking back often.

  72. JGo555 says

    I just finished eating these. THEY ARE AWESOME! I’m glad I can make them with regular ingredients that I have in my pantry and while they DO take an hour, it’s cause of the usage of a pan, if you use two or a griddle, you’ll finish faster.

    They are lovely to the taste, pliable and best of all: WARM!

    I will try to NEVER buy tortillas anymore. The store brands taste like cardboard & bitter after taste and break so easy when you’re trying to fold them. Also, THEY EXPIRE. Shelf life of these suck unless frozen but are totally worth it.

    Question: Can you make the dough and place it in the fridge well protected from the air to make at a later time?

    • says

      Thank you. I’m so happy you like them. You could definitely make the dough and refrigerate till ready to use. I would just let the dough return to room temperature before trying to roll.

  73. says

    This tortilla recipe was such a relief after several other I’ve used in the past. These were delicious and rolled out thinly. They stayed pliable and perfect until we used them! I used white WW flour, coconut oil, and a pinch more sea salt.
    Thank you thank you!

  74. Amanda says

    I made these after a few mediocre attempts making tortillas and flatbreads from other recipes. These turned out perfect and i didn’t smoke up my kitchen like during the other times!

  75. Victoria says

    Just finished making these and OMG, I don’t think I’ll ever use store bought again! I’m going to use them for our taco’s tonight but of course, I had to sample one fresh out of the pan with butter on top…divine!

  76. Jenn K says

    I made the tortillas without cooking them, wrapped them around Enchilada ingredients, covered them in enchilada sauce and baked them. It turned out sooooo good. I’m going to make them again on Friday and cook them this time for tacos. They were so easy to make and so yummy. I’m thinking of all kinds of possibilities now: empanadas, crisp burritos, etc. Thanks for sharing!!

  77. Philippa says

    I just made a gluten free version of these and they came out wonderful. I swapped regular wheat flour for 1.5 cups all purpose gluten free flour and 1.5 cups buckwheat flour, And I added a tsp of xanthan gum. Other than that I just followed your instructions and they were perfect. Best tortillas I’ve ever made, so thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  78. Robert says

    I have to use soy oil here in Brazil. cant get vegetable oil. will this be ok? Im guessing it will only change the flavor.

  79. Pam says

    This is very similar to Indian roti, only while making roti we don’t use baking powder. I tried this out with whole wheat flour, and it was yum. Thank you for the recipe :)

  80. Jennifer says

    OMG I made these last night and they turned out perfectly!!!!!!! I have tried many times to make homemade flour tortillas and they have never turned out as desired. These are perfect and so easy to make. And the directions are spot on – I followed them exactly and had no difficulties. I will be using this recipe over and over again thank you so much!

  81. says

    These photos are lovely, but the font that looks like it has a shadow behind it makes my eyes ache. Still I will make the tortillas anyhow, so i guess the whole font thing doesn’t really matter.

  82. Rosie says

    Thanks for posting. This is the first recipe I clicked on and for sure the last one I’m ever using!!!! First time making flour tortillas and your recipe turned out fantastic! !!!!!!!! I learned as I rolled em, that thinner is better…At least for my taste.

  83. Stephanie says

    Well the comments on this site alone are a testament to the goodness of this recipe. I tried it today and I was so pleased! I am an American living in Australia, and tortillas (they call them “wraps”) are SO expensive here compared to home that I just can’t bring myself to buy them. I looked up this recipe, found I had all the ingredients on hand, and made them. What a money saving, delicious treat! I have been craving quesadillas for weeks now, and now I am satisfied. :) These are absolutely delicious and there’s no reason we have to go without tortillas ever again. By the way, many have asked about making it by hand. I made it by hand just as you said–mix with a spoon, then knead until soft. That worked fine and they were able to roll out really thin still. All you need is a rolling pin and you’re golden!

  84. Eli P. says

    My husband and I have been out of the States for 3 months on a 6mo trip. We’re currently in Ireland and my hubs (and I) have been ACHING for Mexican food. We live in southern AZ so Mexican is a staple in our home. Needless to say, good tortillas are not available here :-( Feeling spunky, I came across your recipe and IT’S FANTASTIC! I couldn’t wait so I went straight to the kitchen and made some for burritos; AWESOME! My hubs is very grateful and sends his regards:-) THANKS!

    • says

      Thanks so much for letting us know about your great results. That is so cool. I’m happy I could bring a bit of the U.S. to you while your out of the country. Hope the rest of your trip is wonderful!

  85. Crystal says

    These soft-for-days tortillas are as good as they get. Since this recipe was posted, I have probably prepared these a dozen or more times, and they simply never fail. I follow the recipe precisely and also cook them on a medium-sized non-stick pan with no oil or spray, like the author. I can’t imagine ever buying store-bought tortillas again. Tip: If you’re trying to eat more whole grains, you can substitute 50% whole wheat flour in this recipe and the tortillas will still turn out marvellous.

  86. missy says

    Great recipe they look delicious…but i”m curious my family has always used lard so if i wanted to swap out the oil for shortening would it be the same amount? thanks so much :)

  87. Elizabeth says

    Easy Peasy these were!…why have I waited so long to make my own?!…cuz I didn’t have this recipe! Thank you so much…munching on one right now…super yummy!

  88. Caro says

    I used sunflower oil, as it was all I had, and it worked out nicely… I was amazed at how cheap, easy and delicious these are… Why do we pay so much for pre-made packaged foods that are full of preservatives, again?!

  89. Corinne says

    I found this recipe today, made it, easy peasy and delicious. Will always make them, going to try the pizza part as well. Thank you for sharing. From Corinne in South Africa :-)

  90. Danielle says

    Just made these for our lunch and they are so easy to make and absolutely delicious!
    The kids loved them (and they are pretty picky eaters) and my husband said they are the tastiest tortillas he’s ever had :-)
    Will definitely be saving this recipe and making a lot more in the future!

  91. tonkatrukster says

    I’ve made these several times with much success. My neighbors and kids give them two thumbs up. Thanks for posting!

    • Mel says

      Wow such a lovely person. You should have your own cooking site jane. So tell us, as you were reading the recipe did it not seem different to you? I mean you seem to know of a better recipe out there that is of course, made by non-whites. Since the two kinds are obviously SO different then why did you not post your non white version so we could all compare. Personally, I love Chris’ version. They taste very similar to the ones I had in Juarez as a teenager. Maybe it was the cook and not the recipe in this case. As the only difference in Chris’ s tortillas and my dear aunts is they used lard and cooked theirs outside over a fire in big iron skillets. His have the same great taste. I, like MANY others here am thankful to Chris for taking his time to share this recipe with us. Some people are just miserable Jane and cant find happiness in even the simple things in life. You seem to be the only one here, so try putting those typing skills to better use in your search bar. I think you may find the recipe you need somewhere else.

  92. says

    This has been on my to do list for a while! I made tortillas once years ago, when I first moved to Alabama from California and you couldn’t buy flour tortillas here!! Yikes! I can’t wait to try your recipe, I know it will be fabulous~ I use flour tortillas in so many casseroles instead of crepes or pasta and I can’t wait to try yours for pizza as you suggested! Thanks so much!

  93. Em says

    These are fantastic! I have never made tortillas before and can’t believe how quick and easy they were. Thanks for the recipe!

  94. Holly says

    Hi!!! I was making tacos and my family has always used flour tortillas, so I checked the internet because I am so tired of paying a fortune to buy the things, I looked at and read probably a dozen recipes, yours was the only one that said they would remain soft and could use the next day, so you don’ t have to use them immediately, So I thought I would try, Well my family are taco freaks, I am now NEVER EVER allowed to buy store bought tortillas again, not even to save time. LOL!! the flavour is so nice.
    I do however have 1 question, can you use Olive oil instead ???, I infuse different herbs with Olive oil and some of these would really add to the flavour of the tortillas, so you can change it up once in a while or just use regular olive oil.
    Thanks so much for posting this recipe, it is AWESOME and my husband and boys thank you to. :)
    Thanks so much

  95. Andrea says

    Chris, i love your recipe!

    Since i started making it, about a week ago, i just need to make again almost every day. And i was buying a bag with 20 tortillas and would be in my fridge for a month or two…=)

    Our tacos and taquitos taste SO much better now!

    Thank you!

  96. says

    Thank you so much for this flour tortilla recipe. Truly, they are the best ever, next to my mother’s. I miss my mother so much, and her tortillas too, but making tortillas using your recipe have brought back so many memories! Now I want to make tortillas every day, and that is dangerous! Thanks again.

    • says

      Oh, I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed these and that they’ve brought back such special memories. It’s okay to make them every day if it helps you have sweet memories of your mom :)

  97. Anna W. says

    Can You replace the regular flour with whole wheat flour to make it more of a healthy option for look into making their own wraps.

  98. marilu says

    Thanks for posting this. I am overseas where tortillas aren’t readily available. My husband went to several stores looking for them to no avail, but he really wanted fajitas tonight, so I came across your site. I was dreading having to make tortillas from scratch, but this was surprisingly easy and made little mess.

    I made flour tortillas once before using a different recipe, and it was hard to work with. I couldn’t get it thin enough. I This dough is so easy to work with, so pliable and easy to roll out. I hardly used any flour when I rolled it out and it didn’t stick. I didn’t end up w/ excess flour in the pan, didn’t clean b/w each tortilla, and the pan looked completely clean when I finished them all up. I didn’t change a thing with the ingredient proportions, but I made larger=sized ones w/ the dough split into 8 portions rather than 16.

    This recipe is a keeper.

  99. Sue says

    I’ve tried this recipe twice and the tortillas turned out great but I have to re-heat them using steam every time because they turn out too crispy and it’s hard to fold them into burritos without having a huge mess of broken tortillas. What could I be doing wrong?

  100. says

    I just made these from Fresh Milled Hard White Spring Wheat, and they are so excellent they make store tortillas taste like some kind of stale paper product.

    Thanks much for the recipe.

  101. Nina says

    Have you tried halving the recipe? These were delicious but were a lot for 2. Also what about freezing the dough before rolling it into portions? Maybe I could freeze the other half? Thank you so much for this recipe. Ran out of taco shells tonight and put these together on a whim. The hubby LOVED them. =)

      • Sandy L. says

        Thank you for the response. I made them before but cooked them right away. They were fabulous. Can’t wait to make them again.

        I always made bread from scratch too since my mom was on 3 very restrictive diets. I always substituted onion powder for the salt. Do you think that would work for this recipe?

  102. Sue DiMeglio Russell Kaufman says

    I did try your recipe and I love it. I’ve always made an oil pie pastry and so this change made sense to me. I used the baking powder though in the past I often haven’t. I also used 1/3 C whole wheat flour and it just added to the good flavor. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I have been making them for decades and somehow your oil recipe wins lol :)

  103. Danielle says

    I had planned on making burritos for my family of four and didn’t realize till last minute that I had no tortillas. I panic searched google for a tortilla recipe that was easy and happened to come across yours and THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is so easy and so delicious. My two year old INHALED his, and my four year old had two. I don’t think I’m ever going to bother buying these from the store again. Way. To. Go!!

  104. Ains says

    Hi there, just tried these out tonight, i usually scoff a bit when anyone says ‘you wont want the store bought version anymore’ but in this case i take my hat off to u! its true! so scrumptious, thanks for finally providing me with scrummy tortillas 😀

  105. Alexis M says

    These turned out great the first time! Next time I may try adding some whole wheat for a little more nutrition. This recipe is a keeper. Thank you for sharing.

  106. says

    Thanks, your recipe worked great for me. But I’ plan on reducing the oil a little bit next time I think. I might invest in a tortilla press for next time too, or just make rectangular ones.

  107. Antonio says

    I have been Mexican my entire life and this was the best tortilla recipe I have ever tried. Absolutely perfect!

  108. Jody says

    THANK YOU!!! I made these today after trying several other recipes and these are hands down the VERY BEST flour tortillas!!! I am so excited to have found this recipe – thank you for doing the ground work.

  109. shannon campos-hatfield says

    I make tortillas, but they really never turned out great. i love that you said let them sit for 15 minutes, i think it made a world of difference. Thank you!!!!!!(is that enough exclamation marks…NO) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (seems about right…) thank you!

  110. Chelsi says

    Goodness gracious this recipe is beautiful!! Trying to save money by making my own things. Was a bit nervous for this one, but it was so easy! I mixed it by hand, the dough was practically perfect. Not dry or sticky and extremely stretchy. I didn’t have a rolling pin so rolled a little with a round drinking glass then EASILY stretched the dough to the size I wanted with no problem! The smell of them are amazing!

  111. clea says

    I have made these twice now and they really are the best ever! Thank you so much. I can not believe how easy they are and how perfect they turn out. I used a food processor and they came together in a snap. Thanks again!

  112. Lucy says

    Amazing and easy,I’ve tried tortillas once or twice and the result was catastrophic(but I remember the recipe was different so maybe it wasn’t my fault:D). Today I decided to give the homemade tortillas one more chance and I made it!:D I used 50/50 all purpose and whole wheat flour, thank you for the recipe, it makes my day better :]

  113. Kas says

    Hey there! Sorry to bother you, but would these be okay if i didn’t put baking powder in them? And would they keep if frozen after cooking? Thanks in advance

    • says

      Hi Kas, I haven’t tried them without the baking powder but I think they’d be fine after freezing. I might separate them with parchment paper or wax paper so they wouldn’t stick together.

    • says

      Hi Dan, I’m so sorry you had such a difficult experience with these. Sometimes recipes just don’t turn out as well for some reason or another. If you read the other comments, you seem to be in the minority however. I’ve even had some from Mexico write and say how much they enjoyed the tortillas and never had much luck making their own until now. Again, sorry you wasted your time and ingredients, that always is frustrating to me.Oh, and thanks for such a kind comment.

  114. Ashley says

    Well, all I have to say is wow, I am a professional chef and never in all my years have I come across such a delicious flavoured tortilla. It is so pliable and has that amazing taste of well it tastes almost like a naan bread.i take my hat off to you ( English chap here :) ) you have impressed so much they are beautiful
    Keep cooking, best wishes, Ash.

  115. Beatriz says

    Exquisite!!….I’ve suffered a lot with other tortilla recipes. They all get stiff and crackly!
    This one is perfect!!
    Thank you for dividing it with us.
    I’m eating them here in São
    Paulo, Brazil.

  116. Jennifer says

    Just have to say these are SO GOOD!!! I made a batch for myself and then another for my mom. We both love them. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  117. L says

    OMG thank you for posting this. I ran out of tortillas and wanted to make shrimp tacos. Couldn’t be easier and so much better than store bought.

  118. Gail Villalobos says

    Hi Chris! I would just like to ask about to keep them in the fridge? Should they be uncooked or cooked. Thanks! This is my first time to have made them and I am thrilled. I had been craving for tacos and this recipe just made my day. Thank you so much for sharing! Also every ingredients are very much available here in the Philippines. Thanks again. :-)

  119. nevertellthis says

    Here’s a secret you may not know, flour tortillas make WONDERFUL DUMPLINGS for Chicken and Dumplings. The finished tortilla is cut into strips and dropped into broth, follow your recipe, only use Tortillas cut in strips for your dumplings. No gooey, sticky, chunky dumplings here. YUM !

  120. Nico says

    WOW. they are easy to make and super yummy. I had tried to make tortillas a couple years ago but the dough was tough and hard to roll out. These are a dream. Super thanks.

  121. Angela says

    These sound like a something I’ll try! I have a Type 1 diabetic in my house; can you give me an idea of the carb count on these?

  122. Brucie Homington says

    These look absolutely delightful!! Tortillas are probably one of my most favorite Japanese foods, can’t wait to try. xD

  123. Mike says

    When these came off the pan, I was like… OH dear God, they are waaay too crispy and useless. Then I did the microwave-thing, and they transformed into the most wonderful, soft, delicious tortilla wraps I’ve ever tasted. Thank you!!

  124. Charl C says

    I made these today! So delicious <33 I love how it's simple n easy to make! And all the ingredients were in the cupboard. Thank you for this lovely recipe.

  125. lola says

    hi I just finished experimenting this recipe!!very soft and yeah,one tbsp salt really makes it flavorful!!only one concern,since i do not have any proper container,can i simply cover em with paper towel and cover it with a plate on top of it,as its only 11.40pm here and i wish to have em for next morning’s brekkie.are the tortillas going to spoil due to steam from the plate i used?sorry my english is bad

  126. L. Flores says

    Thank you for the recipe. After trying it out, I immediately pinned it. I live in a border town where fresh made tortillas are available on nearly every corner. The problem I have with them is that most authentic Mexican Tortillas are made either with Crisco or with lard (Manteca). The blocks of lard sold at the store also have hydrogenated oils (just like Crisc0) as well as some awful preservatives to keep the lard from spoiling. To avoid these ingredients, I pretty much stick to corn tortillas for tacos and such. There are certain meals though where a flour tortilla is superior so I occasionally make my own. I’ve had difficulty with recipes (like others have stated) that come out too crispy and hard. These stay soft, just as you stated (as long as the recipe/cooking times are followed). It was so much easier too which helps to solve my dilemma of avoiding flour tortillas.

    I did notice that just a few people felt these did not taste good and were more like “white people” tortillas. I understand where they are coming from if they are used to eating tortillas with lard. I have a couple of suggestions for someone looking for that type of texture and flavor without the awful ingredients. Firstly, palm oil is a great substitute for Crisco or lard (it’s sometimes labeled as “Organic Shortening”). Increase the amount of oil in the recipe for an oilier tortilla rather than a bread-like tortilla (the difference is just a matter of preference and what you have been used to). Lastly, for flavor, substitute 1/2 cup the water with beef broth. It gives them that meaty beef fat flavor without adding beef fat or lard.

    Overall, it’s a great recipe. For those that don’t agree, I suggest using this recipe as your base, and adjusting it to your liking. It’s hard to find any other recipes that are this easy and stay soft. They can even be cooked a second time just before eating them to brown them further for those that like them like that.

  127. says

    I rarely leave comments after trying recipes but after trying these last night I had to come back and THANK YOU for the recipe! I’ve made a few other recipes over the last couple years and although they tasted good….they never rolled out thin enough and I had never found a recipe that the tortilla would actually stay soft and pliable to fold and roll for things like burritos or enchiladas….until I tried this one! The texture of this dough is perfect for rolling out thin and I couldn’t believe how soft they stayed! they were a hit with the whole family and I think I can officially say that thanks to this recipe I shall NEVER go back to buying tortilla’s again. :) I also just made what my family would eat last night and the rest of the dough I left in the pressed ball shape, dabbed each side in flour and stacked them in a container in my fridge to take out, rolled out and cook as needed. It just got even easier to make them fresh for each meal. Love it!

  128. Chelsea says

    So tasty. I always have the problem that when I buy tortillas I never use them fast enough and they end up going bad (such a waste of money). This recipe not only solves that problem, but also tastes a hundred times better than anything I can get in a store near where I live.
    This is definitely my go to recipe from now on. I think there are going to be a lot less sandwiches eaten in my house and a lot more wraps!

  129. Jen Gordon says

    Thank you so much for sharing! I tried these twice yesterday – once with just all purpose flour, once with 1/2 cup whole wheat flour and 2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour. I’m also using a tortilla press. Unfortunately, as soon as I open the tortilla press after pressing it down, the dough shrinks right back up. Do you have any flour recommendations or other ideas for me? Thank you!!

    • says

      Hi Jen,
      I don’t use a tortilla press but I’m wondering if, after you press them, you would let them rest for a few minutes then give them a second press. That might help the dough relax enough to stay flat. Hope that helps – Chris

      • Ali says

        I also used a tortilla press and had the same results. I tried resting a second time and giving it a second press and I also tried rolling some of them out with my rolling pin and those also shrunk. I was having a race against time getting them into the pan. I am using Canadian AP flour – I wonder if that makes a difference. I will try again kneading longer and maybe with an even longer resting time. They tasted good and still stayed soft but they are smaller and thicker than I had wanted.

        • says

          Hi Ali, it could be your flour, not sure. I would definitely give it a longer rest period. If you start rolling and the dough starts to shrink, cover it with a clean dish towel and just leave it for 10-15 minutes. That will help the gluten in the flour to relax and it should roll out easier.

  130. Jon says

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe. We love these tortillas. We live overseas in a place where both packaged tortillas and lard aren’t available. These really hit the spot. If I can get my hands on a small tortilla press, I may never go back to packaged tortillas, even when we get back to the states.

  131. Snigdha D says

    made these today – didnt have a mixer but made the dough by hand. Turned out well, just have to make sure to cook them for half a minute on each side otherwise they get crispy. thanks for the recipe.

  132. alexthinksthisiscool says

    My 1st time making them, they were excellent! Future ref- double the salt and they’ll be just like abuelita used to make.

  133. says

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. They really are the best ever. I’d been looking for a good tortilla recipe for a while and was never satisfied until I tried yours. Now they are all I use whenever I need a flour tortilla. I mix them by hand and substite 2 cups of whole flour for the white, and they work like a dream, every single time.

  134. Sherri says

    FINALLY an easy tortilla recipe that tastes authentic. All the other recipes I have used in the past have been excrutiating to roll out. This one is so easy my teenaged son can make this as one of his ways of helping prep school lunches/snacks. We use it for tacos, wraps, for dipping in tzatziki. Here in Canada a bag of 10 tortillas is $5, so I made sure all of my kids in college got a copy to help keep them eating right, on a budget.

  135. Adriana says

    I made these for breakfast today for some chorizo and egg tacos. (mexican chorizo that crumbles up). They are really tasty. I put all of my ingredients in the food processor and pulsed until it formed a dough ball. Super easy and quick and let the dough rest as indicated.

  136. Hayley Lam says

    THANK you so much for the recipe! I have made it soooo many times and it has save us a lot of effort to run down to the groceries 😛 (yet i don’t mind the effort making these tortillas, THEY ARE REALLY GOOD)

  137. Mae says

    Thank you for sharing the recipe as first timer attempt I think I’m alright..

    Though I do have a few questions:
    1) rolling and a presser will IT affect the end result? An argument w my spouse over it. He insisted without the presser one can’t make tortilla.
    2) how thin is too thin or just nice. When I rolled it too thin it doesn’t puff up much. But when I roll it just nice to keep a round shape the whole piece puffed up as if there’s 2 layers! But I over cook a few which end up partially chips..

    Thank in advance.

    • says

      Hi Mae,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. In regards to your questions:
      1) I’ve never used a roller/presser so I’m not sure what the results would be.
      2) I roll mine quite thin. Mine don’t puff up too much. I don’t really want them to be pitas but rather thin tortillas. Yes, and you do have to watch them carefully to not over cook.

  138. Jocelyn says

    Thanks so much for posting this recipe! These tortillas are perfect, so yummy and easy to make! I try to make as much food as I can from scratch, and these definitely fit the bill. PLUS I don’t ever have to remember to buy tortillas from the store! xD

  139. Sally says

    I loved this recipe. I mixed/kneeded by hand for 4 minutes rather than get my mixer out and they were great. I rolled them thin enough to read through and when cooked they looked just right and rolled perfectly to make wraps. I don’t think I will buy tortillas again.

  140. misti Childers says

    absolutely the easiest and best recipe I have come across for tortillas. I have bad shoulders in so rolling other tortilla recipes bothers my shoulder because of how to toss the dough is. These tortillas are amazing and I made 5 batches back to back for friends and family. I even had to sneak in eating one or two with butter and a little bit of sugar. delicious thank you so much for sharing.

  141. Rachel says

    These tortillas rock! I’ve been making them for months now and I don’t see ever NOT having them in our house. They save money, they are so easy to make, and they taste sooo much better than pre made tortillas! My family thanks you!!

  142. JD says

    You took the time to post this easy/delicious recipe for flour tortillas, so I’ll take the time to say thank you for doing so. I made a real mess in the kitchen, but the results were worth it. Thanks again. JD

  143. Lisa says

    I Googled homemade tortillas and found your blog and gave these “best ever tortillas” a shot. I’m so glad I did. I’ve never made tortillas before, but these are amazingly easy and so delicious. I may never buy packaged tortillas again. They were full of flavor and made all the difference with our fish tacos.

    I used my Kitchen Aid with the dough hook, though I can see that a food processor would work just fine. The only change I made was to use olive oil instead of vegetable oil, and I added a slight amount of olive oil to the cast iron pan before cooking.

    Thanks for sharing! These are definitely a keeper and we will be making them again!

    • Nicole says

      Made these tonight and so happy I found this recipe. I will never might package tortillas again. Thank you, thank you!!!

  144. Samantha says

    These were great! You are right… I never want store bought again. I substituted non-gmo canola oil and they turned out great and buttery tasting. So easy and so delicious.

    Thank you!

  145. Robert says

    I wrote some time ago about the oil used and carried on with it. Im having trouble getting the dough to roll out thin enough. Its kind of tough and springy. Im trying to get..mmm… about a 7inch tortilla for my fish tacos, but getting the there is a problem. Cant press em or roll em without them springing back. I roll them thin and back they go. Where am I going wrong.?

  146. says


    I went looking for a tortilla recipe because my son’s high school Spanish class is having a potluck food day tomorrow. Thank you! Also, I clicked on “About” and “Meet Chris” and was delighted to read your story. Thank you again!


  147. Sandy says

    I have made these several times and they are absolutely THE BEST! I will NEVER buy from the store again. Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on store bought? Chemicals junk and more junk. I use all organic ingredients and sub the veg oil with coconut oil. You can not taste the coconut in the finished product and it’s so much better for you than veg oil. I am making them right now, my boys are heading home for the holidays today and they love these! But this time I am doing 1/2 white 1/2 whole wheat flour. It is much drier so I added extra water. I never thought to use my bread maker to mix the dough! DUH! Next time I will, especially if I use whole wheat again. Much harder to mix up compared to all white. I’ll let you know how they turn out! thanks for the recipe!

  148. Benjamin says

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve tried many different tortilla recipes now, and this really is the best ever. They always come out soft and delicious. I also like the tip about using them as pizza crusts.

  149. Tyler says

    I made these the other night… The dough was beyond sticky and needed so much extra flour to keep from sticking to my counter and rolling pin that they were extremely dry and crunchy. More frustrating than fun to make and we were disappointed in the result… Not really sure what happened but it wasn’t a good result for us.

    • says

      So sorry, not sure what could have gone wrong as far as them being sticky. I’ve never had that problem. I would think that perhaps,you may have cooked them too long if they were dry and crunchy.

  150. Alyssa says

    These were amazing and so very easy!!!! do not have a mixer with a dough hook, so I knead the dough by hand, and it turned out perfect!

  151. Becca Larrabee says

    I can not eat commercialy processed food because it makes me so sick and I really missed tortillas. I started an online search and found your recipe. It is amazing and easy. I made them just now and I ate my first one just now. I made the 16 count, and then put one on a warm pan with some fresh grated cheese, onions, tomatoes, spinach and green peppers, rolled it up and OMG delicious! I cant wait to try the pizza. What do you use for sauce? Have you tried just using sliced tomatoes and some cheese? Im thinking these would make great breakfast wraps as well. Thank you so much for such a great recipe. Now I need to go freeze them.

    • Becca Larrabee says

      I will also try it with Olive Oil as another commenter mentioned. Olive oil is so much better, but will it change the flavor?

    • says

      Hi Becca, so happy you enjoyed these and can finally eat tortillas! I’ve made these little pizzas with all kinds of sauces. We love them with pesto, also just brushed with a little good olive oil, cheese, fresh tomatoes (pressed between paper toweling to remove the moisture) and a generous scatter of fresh basil after baking. YUM!

  152. JS says

    Absolutely the WORST tortillas I’ve ever had. They came out chewy, thick, and falling apart, and all had a nasty aftertaste. I through them all straight into the garbage

    • says

      So sorry you wasted good ingredients, that always makes me mad. Not sure what could have gone wrong as I get emails almost every day from so many people who have made these and gone crazy over them.

    • louise sobo says

      this could only happen if you did not mix and knead it very well. Also, you mentioned “thick”, you have to flatten it using a rolling pin (that means you have to use your muscles)One more thing, If you are using wheat or high gluten flour , you must follow the direction and “RESTING” THE DOUGH IS VERY IMPORTANT.

  153. Kathleen says

    I made these with half whole wheat flour in my bread machine and it was so busy. I was in a hurry, so made them bigger and that worked well.. They are very filling, soft and flavorful. The whole wheat detracts from the taste of some fillings, so I will try with less whole wheat and only all purpose flour. I am looking forward to trying them as a pizza crust.

  154. says

    Hi there!
    I’ve wanted to make my own flour tortillas for so long. I know feel empowered to give it a shot, thanks to your recipe. BTW… do you think it would work with corn flour? I have a friend who eats gluten free and would like to pass this along to her if the substitution is possible.

  155. SayIDidIt™ says

    Hi Chris, I would love to make these, but I am living alone and don’t have much freezer space. How would I make 4-6 of these beauties instead of 16?

    • says

      Hi, I would just cut the recipe by 2/3’s – 1 cup of flour, 1/3 teaspoon of salt and baking powder, a scant 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 1/3 cups warm water.

  156. Uncle Jay says

    Just made this morning. Followed the directions to a tee. Came out amazing. Sorry Mission tortillas. I’m done with you.

    Couple of things. I made 20 and they came out burrito size which I was more than happy with. However anyone who wants more of a taco size tortilla might want to divide into 25-30 balls. Or more.

    To eat my first one I heated some butter in a pan and used the cooked tortilla to make a quesadilla with blackened chicken, cilantro lime sour cream, onions sauteed in paprika and jack cheese. On a bed of lettuce with some Pico on top. Good as it gets. Family will be trying for dinner.

  157. says

    This is such a detailed information about making tortilla. I am definitely using your take on the recipe everytime I make my tortillas. Thank you for sharing.:)

  158. Nikola says

    Wonderful tortillas! We’ve tried a couple of different recipes over the past year and we couldn’t get anything satisfying.

    However this recipe turned out really easy(well, all other tortilla recipes we tried were easy as well :) ) and the tortillas were awesome! My wife actually said that they’re pretty close to what she’s used to in Arizona(we live in Bulgaria, where it’s pretty difficult to find good tortillas – they’re all packaged).

    I wonder if we can do a quarter vegetable oil and a quarter lard to give them extra flavor?

  159. Joey says

    Two firsts for me…just tried my new stand mixer for the first time, and made these tortillas for the first time. I am THRILLED with how these turned out, and how easy they were to make! Thank you so much for such a great recipe. I wish I had found this years ago. Usually when I make something like this, I get one or two duds that got burned, or were too hard, or any number of other problems – but not with this recipe…16 perfect tortillas. This dough is the perfect consistency. Can’t wait to try on Pizza – Thank you again!!

  160. Pamela says

    I stumbled upon your recipe in search for homemade tortillas. They were excellent. I recently moved to France and the only tortillas I can find are Old El Paso and they’re not that great. I grew up eating homemade tortillas and hot ones straight from the Mexican bakery. My son who is 7 and a picky eater was skeptical He loves them… he even had them for breakfast this morning. I thought I would be able to freeze some, they’re almost gone. I’ll have to make another batch for the freezer. (If anyone is in France, I used Farine de Ble #55.) Thank you… you made it so much easier than I realized.

  161. M says

    I tried this and it turned out so good! I was wondering if it’s possible to somehow bake these instead of putting them on the griddle? I want to make burrito sized tortillas but whenever I try to pick them up and put them on the griddle I can never seem to do it without part of the tortilla folding up.

  162. louise sobo says

    Thank You so much for the recipe. I made this using einkorn flour and olive oil. Next, I am going to make this using sprouted spelt flour…

  163. says

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I just got my kitchenaid out from storage and was craving tortillas. I found your recipe on a google search. I adapted it just a bit – used 1/3 unsalted european butter instead of oil , 2 c. organic white flour + 1c. cake flour and 1 c. buttermik instead of water.

    In the past, I tried hand kneading, but the tortillas came out crispy and tough. Using the kitchenaid did the trick. I don’t think I’m patient enough to knead by hand :) Anyway, they were absolutely perfect.

  164. Sherri says

    This is my first try at flour tortillas, but I have been so disgusted with the cost of 8 tiny tortillas at the grocery that I’ve just had enough.

    I made these today, and I would have to say that I was a little wary of the Baking Powder in the recipe. I do chapatis regularly and have made corn tortillas, so the process is familiar.

    I actually did 1/3 the recipe using 1 cup flour, 1/4 t baking powder, salt, 2 Tbsp olive oil, and 1/3 c water. (it produced 6 small tortillas which was perfect for our meal. I didn’t portion them prior to resting since I didn’t think it would make a difference, and that is what I do with chapati. I find the dough is easier to work with after it has rested.

    as I was cooking them I thought that my suspicions about the baking powder were right, because they puffed up more than I expected. But after being wrapped in my Tortilla cloth and set in the microwave to stay warm while we prepared our tacos, they were perfect. Especially for little hands, they hold their form nicely and don’t break easily.

    I can see using them for pizza crusts, but I would roll them a bit thicker for that. Being originally from the Maritimes of Canada, I also thought that it could replace the Pita used for Halifax donairs.

    I still think I’ll try it once omitting the Baking soda just to see what the difference is, but this is definitely bookmarked for future use!

  165. Birthe says

    I just made these and the whole family loves them. My only problem is that mine came out a little to stiff and broke easily when wrapped. Do you have any suggestion what I could do differently next time (because the girls required a next time ASAP 😉 )

  166. Ashley says

    I have used a different recipe for YEARS and want to cry… just made yours and they are so much better! The brown “spots” develop beautifully, rolling them out is so easy, and they taste great! Thank you!!

  167. Traci says

    My 9 y.o. daughter’s home school co-op beginner’s cooking class made this recipe last week and used them to make quesadillas. I heard so many good comments about it that I decided to try it myself this morning. It was so easy and they’re quite good! Will be serving them with flank steak and jalapeno-lime slaw tomorrow…can’t wait!!! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  168. Kolohe says

    I’m thrilled to try this. I just made the dough and separated it into flattened balls. They look terrific but, unfortunately, my time management skills are lacking and I must leave the house for several hours. How long can the dough rest before cooking? Thank you.

  169. says

    You guys are awesome! These were my first attempt at making tortillas and they were a complete success. They were great to make with my 3 year old. She rolled out the dough like an old pro:)

    Day one of them gave us great Philly Cheese Steak Wraps.

    Day two gave us great Tortilla Pizzas. Check them out here

  170. Janet says

    I don’t understand. I did the recipe verbatim yet my tortillas look nothing like the picture…nor we’re they pliable. Major disappointment.

  171. AJ says

    Made tortillas for the first time with this recipe, and it was incredibly quick and easy. The taste and texture were on par with the store bought tortillas that I usually get. Great recipe! Will be using it again.

  172. josh says

    amazing.. thank you! looking forward to trying. i encourage you however to look at any of the thousands of published papers on microwave use. stored tortillas can just as easily be steamed or thrown right back into a warmer or covered pan. it’s just as quick,they’ll actually taste better than microwaving and what’s more, the body will still recognize them as food. 😉

  173. Paul says

    Was looking for a homemade option as I want to get away from the store bought ones since they are full
    of chemicals (in one brand I counted 17 extra ingredients on top of the basic 5).

    Just made a batch, they are fantastic. Looks just like your photo, they are moist, stretchy and tasty. Tried other recipes before and was never successful, so glad I found yours. I had to adjust the heat setting as you mentioned, in my case down to medium heat. They puff up beautifully as they cook. I like the idea of no oil in the pan and used a cast iron pan, worked just great. Also didn’t need to wipe the pan as there was no accumulated flour since I pre-rolled the tortillas and separated them with wax paper, by the time I started cooking them the surface flour was absorbed by the tortillas.

    Thanks for the recipe and the instructions for perfect tortillas.

  174. Isabelle says

    It was my husband’s birthday today and lately we are short on money, so couldn’t afford a restaurant for his birthday dinner. He is a big fan of Mexican food, so I looked up for a tortilla recipe. This is my first time making tortillas, but it is the best tortillas we ever ate. They were a little thick, but we didn’t mind! We filled the tortillas with soy chicken, homemade salsa, homemade chipotle aioli, and some lettuce and it was amazing. Thank you for this recipe!

  175. says

    Unless I missed this on a previous comment, have you ever tired these using corn flour? I can’t wait to try your flour version! It looks easy to reproduce aboard our little boat and Captain does love his bread in all forms.

  176. Gnei Binthan says

    Hi am from Sri Lanka…… I am going to try my hand today and keep u guys posted as to how it turned out…

  177. says

    I just made these, actually still in the process of cooking the last three., and they are great. I kneaded it by hand for about 5-8 minutes before it all came together but they taste real good. This is the second time making these, the first time I didn’t knead it enough and they didn’t turn out so well.. My four year old even likes these, he’s not picky but he’s a normal four year old! Anyway, this is a good recipe. 10/10 would make again. Maybe next time I’ll trying putting some garlic in.

  178. Dawn says

    I can’t wait to try these. My daughter has some severe food allergies and I need to make anything that is baked from scratch and she’s been begging for something with a tortilla. A question, though: If you freeze them how do you go about re-heating? Microwave? Oven? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Dawn, You could just set them on the counter to thaw, it won’t take long because they are so thin. A few seconds in the microwave at 50% power should work as well. Enjoy!

  179. Kimberly A says

    Thanks so much for the recipe! We made them over the weekend when we were craving tacos, but didn’t have any tortillas in the house. We’d tried a few other recipes in the past, but none were as easy to work with or rolled as thin as yours. We made the recipe as directed, using King Arthur AP flour measured by weight (12 3/4 oz). The dough was a bit sticky coming out of the stand mixer, but once it was turned out on to a well-floured countertop, portioned, and rested, it was a dream to work with. We just used as much flour to dust the worktop, dough, and roller as needed. This is definitely our new go-to tortilla. Can’t wait to try your other suggestions with these (pizza, crackers, etc)! Thanks again. :)

  180. Michele says

    I have made this recipe once a week for the past month and tweaked it a little. I sub out 1 cup of the bread flour for white wheat flour and I use either lt olive oil or melted organic coconut oil, instead of the vegetable oil.. I also like them bigger, so I divide into 12 portions instead of 16. It works out to cost about 75 cents for the batch. Always looking for healthy and cost friendly recipes for my family of 7. Thank you, it’s definitely one of my regular recipes now :)

  181. Sofia says

    I made this recipe twice already and they are great!! Family loves them. I wish I could post a picture as they look (and taste) wonderful.

  182. Colleen says

    I love this recipe. Can I sub 1/3 cup lard for the oil? I have so many idea’s in my head for these. I want to add some fresh herbs to a batch also!!

  183. Melissa says

    Looked for a Tortilla recipe the other day and this was the winner. Tried it tonight and everyone loved it :) thanks so much for posting this.

  184. Brooke says

    These are great!! Thank you for sharing! I have only attempted to make homemade tortillas once before with another recipe and they were more like pita bread… these are just perfect!

  185. Susi says

    Tortillas are so easy and can be used for so many differnt things. I just made a whole stack using the same ingredients that you have here…and I turned them into mini pizzas for my children. Delicious. Since I live down in tortilla land, I can get the homemade ones even in the local grocery store, but I don’t much like the bland flavour of the dough…so, I have doctored it up a lot by adding garlic/onion/oregano and at other times rosemary in there….it has a fantastic flavour that is truly worth trying once. If you do decide to try it, do let me know what you think.

  186. Yasmin says

    I usually make my tortillas with vegetable shortening. They have a great texture but as soon as they start to cool they crack at the bends, which makes it impossible to use them for burritos etc.

    And since I live in South Africa, I can’t just run down to the local Kroger and buy tortillas like I used to. :/

    So I’m going to give this a try and see if the oil and warm water make a more pliable tortilla, because sometimes you just NEED a bean burrito. Rather, sometimes *I* just need a bean burrito. 😀

    Will comment back again once I make them, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise….

  187. Yasmin says

    OK so I finally made this recipe today (it’s Taco Tuesday ya’ll) and it’s PROPER.

    I knew when I pulled the dough out of my mixer it was going to be a winner because it was very elastic, the way tortilla dough should be.

    And upon the email advice of Chris, I fiddled around with the heat of my stove until I got the right temperature (which is apparently #4 on my Whirlpool Induction hob, which is quite low but induction is known for pumping all the heat straight into the base of the pan so yeah, good to know).

    They are great. In fact, the only thing I can fault about them is my own rolling technique (one of them looks like an apple), but that’s something I’ve always needed help with.

    Thanks for the awesome recipe! No more spending 15 minutes crumbling up the shortening into my flour with my pastry cutter. Woo!

    • Yasmin says

      I wanted to add that I put the ingredients in my bread machine last night and put it on the “pasta dough” setting (14 minutes of mixing and kneading) and that seemed to be just perfect. They rolled out and fried up a treat.

  188. Melenie says

    Can these be frozen raw and then defrosted and cooked? I get these raw tortillas at the store and they taste so fresh. I generally freeze them and they hold up well but since we eat so many tortillas I’m trying to save money by making them myself.

    • says

      Hi Melenie,
      Yes, I haven’t tried this but I think they should be fine to make and freeze. I would put parchment paper between them before freezing. I have tried making them, cooking them and then freezing them. I just warm the tortillas up briefly in a pan before serving.

  189. Robin says

    This is a great recipe! So simple and got me “best taco ever” raving from family. I used canola oil since I had it for another recipe and that worked. To note- the pan needs to be really really hot! I did a quick test run at home and it didn’t bubble much. Cooked the rest at my parent’s house on a gas stovetop and they puffed right up!

    • says

      Hi Christina,

      You could make the dough ahead and refrigerate it. Bring it to room temperature before rolling. Otherwise you can make the tortillas ahead and just barely cook them, then let them cool and freeze them with wax paper or parchment paper between them. When you want to serve them, thaw and cook them just a little more in a pan, just make sure they don’t get crisp as then they’ll be dry. Hope that helps!

  190. cole says

    these tortillas are so soft and yummy. making them for the 2nd time today. Thank you for sharing this recipe. i love the fact i can make them with wholewheat flour. the store bought tortillas have an ingredient list that made me cringe. so many words i didnt understand! but this recipe has 5 ingredients! thank you so much. love this!

    • says

      Thanks for such a thoughtful comment Sarah. Sorry you had bad results with them. I hate wasting time and good ingredients – although you can see how many positive comments have come in on these tortillas.

  191. Geom says

    Great recipe. Not exactly a “5 minute process” :D, but is still a quick recipe that’s easy yet delicious!
    I made mine in a food processor and it worked perfectly.
    I used a (well-seasoned) cast iron skillet and it worked perfectly as well. No (minimal) oil needed.

    I made some changes, of course (since I think I’m genetically incapable of not messing with a recipe :) ) ,

    – I did mine as half whole wheat, half white flour. While they turned out great, they would definitely be more foldable, soft, and more like “traditional” tortillas with mostly (or all) white flour.
    – I used about half of the oil. (3 TBsp). It didn’t seem to affect the recipe much.
    – We buy the trader joe’s tortillas with the crushed red pepper mixed in. So that gave me the idea to play with the dry ingredients to try to get it close. It turned out really well and I’ll continue to play with “add-ins” in the future..
    So I added:
    2 Tbsp crushed red pepper
    2 tsp onion powder
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp chili powder

    Overall a great recipe as is, and a wonderful base recipe to play with. Thanks for sharing!

  192. says

    Thanks so much for such an awesome and very easy recipe! They turned out just perfect and delicious. The kids loved them and so much better and fresher than store bought!!! My 6 year daughter had the greatest time helping me roll out the tortillas for the pan, they weren’t perfect circles but they were still delicious! Only question I might have for next time is how thin did you roll out the dough? Do you think paper thin is better or a little thick is better? Thank you and big hugs from Bangkok, Thailand!

    • says

      Hi Annie,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and helpful comment. So happy you enjoyed these tortillas and you made it a fun time with your daughter!

      As far as your question about thickness, I like to roll them a little thicker than paper thin. They tend to work better that way for wraps too.

  193. says

    I have tried several other attempts with other recipes to make tortillas and they did not turn out well. This recipe was the easiest to handle and turned out great! I mixed dough by hand, and rolling them out was super easy. I have a press but rolling by hand was easier since it was not difficult to get dough thin. I even had my 5 yr old helping me! This recipe is a keeper and I will never search again for a good tortilla recipe!

  194. Daphne says

    Thank you so much for this recipe. These are the best homemade tortillas I’ve ever had. I don’t have a stand mixer, but the kneading was still super easy. Only took a few minutes. I’ll have to play around with the thickness, though. Mine were too thin to hold all the burrito fillings, we had to double them up. I love the flavor, the pliability, and the texture of these tortillas. Even my husband loved them. Thank you.

  195. Bri says

    I’ve never made tortillas before… Or anything that requires a rolling pin. How do you make them so even, thin and ROUND??? D: All of mine came out way too small/thick, or like completely uneven and looking like the batman logo. I can’t figure out how to get the dough to become round. It took me an hour to roll and cook all of these.

    • says

      Hi Bri, it just takes practice to get the shape and as far as the thickness, if the dough is hard to roll, just cover it with a clean cloth and walk away for awhile (10-15 minutes). This will allow the gluten in the flour to relax and it should be easier to roll.

    • says

      Hi Daniel,
      I don’t use a bread maker for this recipe, I use a mixer. Mine is KitchenAid but I’m sure any mixer would work fine. You can also make them by hand, just mix the dough up with a sturdy spoon and knead it on the counter.

  196. Emily says

    These tortillas are great!! Tip: don’t roll the dough too thin or the tortilla will become stiff and crusty :)

  197. Nadia says

    I made these 2 days ago and they are amazing! Easy to make and taste so good. I had one tortilla today and it was just as good as it was 2 days ago. This is my new go to recipe for tortillas! Thank you for a great tasting and versatile recipe.

  198. Paul says

    Thanks for this recipe. I grew up in Californian Mexican food, but now I live in Japan, where you can’t get tortillas at your average grocery store. We’re fortunate enough to have a Costco in our city that sells tortillas, but these taste a lot better. I’m happy I can give my toddler a taste of California now without too much hassle. :-)

  199. therese says

    This recipe is a winner! I made these last year, and have made them many times since then. These are so great, that I have never purchased store packaged tortillas since. Thank you for posting this recipe!

  200. says

    I made these with “NoSalt” – my son has Meniere’s Disease and must have less than 750 mg of salt a day and we are always trying new things as he is also vegan.

    He and his brother and sister-in-law pounced on them, gobbled them with all kinds of fillings and even slathered them in peanut butter and honey. I made a double batch and the extras froze well for his working week. This week I’m making a triple batch with Honduran street food fillings. Thanks so very much. I’ve tried many recipes for tortillas but this is by fat the best.

  201. Barb says

    Finally a great and easy tortilla. All the others I have tried so far, have been miserable failures.

  202. says

    I tried making these with a few modifications and they were delicious! Mine did not turn out nearly as pretty though! I blogged about the experience and just wanted to let you know!

  203. PEGGY says


  204. walter says

    I’m so mad now. I couldn’t find this one and I tried a different recipe. Now I have 16 cardboard disk. I made these last time and they were so good. They all say worlds best tortillas, all the others are liars

  205. Lori says

    My husband made these tortillas about a month ago and I should have commented sooner b/c these really are THE BEST EVER!!

  206. Hayley says

    How would you recommend I mix the dough if I don’t have a stand mixer?
    I’m thinking maybe by hand with a wooden spoon..? But I’m not sure.

  207. Lillie Hawes says

    I make homemade tortillas all the time. I have been making them since I was 10 years old. I am now 56 years old. I was taught by a mexican lady. For one I do not use baking powder because that makes them to airy and two you can stack your hot tortillas on top of each other and they do not get soggy. And I use lard or shortening instead of cooking oil..

    • says

      Thanks Lillie. Sounds like you make the real deal and they sound wonderful.I have to say though, I get emails almost every day from people who are crazy about these tortillas, even Mexicans!

  208. Alexandria says

    These were pretty good. My biggest complaint would be the amount of flour that was still stuck to the outside even after they came off the pan. I didn’t even flour my rolling pin, but for some reason they picked up a ton of flour when I was rolling them out that wouldn’t shake off. Otherwise they were nice. We ate some by themselves because they were too brittle, and the softer ones we used for quesidillas. I’ll try them again if I can figure out how to remedy my flour issue!

    • Sandy in Yamhill says

      I had that issue the first time I made them. I went to our local Mexican grocery store and purchased a tortilla press for under $15. It works beautifully. No additional flour required for rolling. I just covered the two halves of the press with plastic wrap, place the dough ball in the center and press. Perfection every time.

  209. Alexandria says

    I just wanted to add, we ate the leftovers this morning for breakfast with some cream cheese and honey. Mmm mm mm. We don’t have a microwave, so I turned the smallest burner on our gas stove on low, and heated them over the fire. It gave them a nice smokey taste reminiscent of homemade tortillas made over the fire, like how they do it out in “el campo” (countryside). They were delightful.

  210. Evelyn says

    These tortillas are great!
    They taste delicious with anything on top, even Nutella.
    Worth a try!

  211. Stephanie says

    Made these for dinner tonight and served them with taco fillings. They are delicious! I have saved the leftover tortillas to use as salad wraps for lunches :)

    Thank you for the recipe!

  212. Sandy of Yamhill says

    I have made these several times and have NEVER had any leftovers! They are awesome. My father and I are on very restricted sodium diets because of health reasons and I have altered your recipe to accommodate that. I omit the salt and only use 1/4 tsp of baking powder. I add in onion powder, garlic powder, a dash of chili powder and about an 1/8 of a teaspoon of cracked black pepper. They are heavenly. Making them again today!

    I don’t cook with salt or even put the salt shaker on the table, unless we have company. Instead is salting potato or pasta water, I add whole, slightly crushed garlic gloves, black peppercorns, spices. It works out perfect. I make our bread too and add no salt. Comes out perfect every time. Once you get away from the salt you don’t even notice it. Until you eat something processed and the salt taste is almost too much.

    Thanks again for all your great recipes. :)

  213. Erin says

    I have used this recipe to make tortillas 4 or 5 times now and they always turn out great. It’s my favorite tortilla recipe that I’ve tried. However, I run into one problem. Every time I make it completely as is, I find that the dough is too wet and sticks to the bowl (I use a dough hook on my stand mixer). 3 cups of flour hasn’t been enough when I make it, but I haven’t read in the comments anyone else questioning that amount. I always have to add more flour in the mixing stage because it is too wet to come together well enough to form a ball. I do everything else as the recipe calls for. What might be my problem? Do you pack in the flour in the measuring cup? I always spoon it in and scrape it flat, so maybe that is less than your 3 cups?

    • says

      Hi Erin,
      I find quite often when making bread that the amount of flour can sometimes vary a bit. It might be the flour or the humidity, etc. But it sounds like you have solved the problem by just adding a bit more flour – and with great results! (I do also spoon in the flour and scrape it flat.)

  214. Jo says

    These were SO good! Whenever I make these type of recipes, they don’t typically work out, so I didn’t have very high hopes. That said, my sister had made the same recipe with great success. The recipe is perfectly written out and was easy to follow. I will definitely be making these again.

  215. Graciela Quinn says

    Came out delicious. Made them by hand and with a cast iron grill…had no problem. With butter they are delicious and tried the pizza idea which was delicious as well. Biggest problem is making myself stop eating!

    Will do this again.

    • says

      In a cast iron grill! Sounds so great Graciela. We have the same problem (about eating them!) Who would have thought; a simple Tortilla recipe could taste so good and be so versatile!

  216. Robin says

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! I can’t stand all of the ingredients in store bought ones. Quick question…has anyone tried using bacon fat for the oil??? I wonder if that would ‘act’ as lard.


      • Robin says

        Will do. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow…and update you.

        Last question…I intend on freezing them. I looked through all of the posts, but I couldn’t find an answer to this…after I cook each one, should I immediately place each one in a freezer bag? Then after they’re all done, let them cool (in the bag), then place in the freezer? Should I close the bag each time I place one in it? Or just leave it open until they cool?

        Sorry…that was more than one question :)

  217. kookas_kitchen says

    I’ve never contemplated making my own, however… these little rounds of deliciousness are quite expensive at the stores to buy! We are a large family, 5 young kids + 2 adults so sometimes it’s too expensive to buy store bought! I am always cooking/baking/canning/preserving… and decided on a whim to google how to make these. Thank the lord. here I am at your website with what appears to be an awesome recipe! I will be trying this out in the next month for sure. I would like to ask though…. no one has mentioned making the rounds on a pasta machine/pasta maker? I have always made our traditional russian dishes (pilmeni/vareniki) by hand)…. has anyone in the wider community tried this with a pasta machine/maker… you know the ones that you clamp onto the end of a bench and manually hand crack to the guage thickness you set?? Would be interest to hear… thanks,

  218. Jill says

    These ARE Truly THE best homemade tortillas. I used my oil earlier the previous and substituted butter. Delicious. I’ve tried other recipes and mixes, and these turned out with an incredible texture and flavor. Thanks for sharing. Our family will certainly be making plenty more.

  219. Lily says

    I love love love this recipe because not only does it make wondorful tortillas, I can make baked buñuelos, pizza, and chips too! I also like the idea of freezing them because i make a lot but I’m the only one in the house eating them. Not only is it super easy to make, it’s very versatile.

  220. Desi says

    Just made these – i was looking for a home made flour tortilla recipe without lard and am so happy i found this! Tortillas turned out great!

  221. Emily says

    Years ago I had a Mexican friend who showed my how to make tortillas. She didn’t really have a recipe but just threw the dough together and pinched off pieces for each tortilla. I wrote down her recipe as best I could and now it is about 40 years later and have long since lost it. I have tried for years to duplicate her recipe. THIS IS IT!!! The dough was perfect and just like hers (except she used lard). They cooked up just the same. Oh, thank you for posting this.

  222. Alex says

    These are quite delicious.
    This is my go-to recipe now when I make flour tortillas. It’s so simple to make!

    I just throw all the ingredients into the bread maker and run the dough cycle.

    Only change I made was that I created 8 larger tortillas from this recipe instead of the original 16.

    They are especially delicious as chicken caesar wraps! Yum!

  223. Nishanna R says

    I tries this recipe with my mum when we were making burritos and it was delicious! We added some chopped chives and garlic not too much though and it came out fabulous! This will definitely be a regular recipe!


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