A Guest Post – Peanut Butter Tart w/ Shortbread Crust and Chocolate Ganache Glaze

You’re going to laugh when you hear this ………….
…………….. I sent my son an email yesterday with a message that he should check out the guest post I was doing for my friend, Maureen at The Orgasmic Chef. He wrote back and said “I was nervous when I saw the name of her blog. It’s not everyday you get an email from your mom with the word orgasmic in it!!!!!!

No, no, no………… it’s nothing like that! – she’s just such a great cook that people have frequently used that word to describe her food. 🙂 Maureen is an American living in Australia, and we’ve become friends (virtually) over the last year or so. I’ve been so drawn to her blog, not only for her fabulous culinary skills and great recipes, but she’s a wonderful storyteller who always has something interesting and thoughtful to share – on top of all this, she has a hilarious sense of humor. One post had me laughing so hard, I literally cried!

If you’re a regular visitor to The Café, you might recognize this Peanut Butter Tart w/ Shortbread Crust & Chocolate Ganache Glaze. I shared it a while back and because of it’s popularity here at The Café, I thought it would be fun to share with Maureen’s readers as well. If you’re looking for an amazing, show-stopper dessert check out the recipe here. Be sure to stay awhile and explore Maureen’s blog  ……… I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy your visit to “the land down under”……………see you there!


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