Christmas Greetings from Our Home to Yours

No new recipes today or culinary inspirations, just a few scenes from our Christmas table and heartfelt holiday wishes for you and your families ……………….
………………. from Scott & Chris here at The Café!

I thought I’d share our Christmas table with you. We didn’t do a ton of decorating this year, kept it fairly simple; a pretty tree, a wreath on the door and a fun, festive mantle over the fireplace. Of course, now that we have grandchildren, I love to set a lovely, colorful table that will be sure to make their eyes dance with delight.

Oh, and speaking of the grandchildren, if you’re a regular visitor at The Café, you’ll know how smitten we are with these girls (and boy!) of ours. I’m sharing a sweet song they had prepared for Scott and myself when we picked them up at the airport. They flew in from London two weeks ago and, almost before we could give them a big hug, they informed us that they had a song to share, a “German”* song. We recaptured it in this little video:

* ~ There’s a reason they were so proud of their song and worked so hard to perfect it. The last time we were together, back in September, I asked them NOT to learn German. You see, I know a smattering of German as does their Papa Scott. Our daughter is fairly fluent in the language as she spent a year studying in Germany during her high school years. I informed the girls that the only way we were going to be able to keep secrets from them, now that they’re getting so grown, was to talk in German when they were around! Their nanny, in London (where they reside), is from Germany so I instructed “PLEASE, do not learn any Germany from Miss Judith”. Hehe, the reverse psychology worked, and, as you can see, they’re proud as punch of their sweet song! In fact they’re quite sure they’ve mastered the language!  😉


Wishing you a Blessed Christmas & a Cup of Good Cheer!

P.S. I know the girls look like perfect little angels in the video above, but that’s not ALWAYS the case. Check out the reality here;    🙂

P.P.S. Scott went to the market today and came home with a slew of fabulous, fresh ingredients. So be sure to check back on Wednesday and Friday for some delicious, healthy recipes to help you recover from all the holiday indulgences!

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