Dinner Rolls, All Dressed Up in Holiday Attire!

When I was growing up, we always had a special new outfit for Christmas. Most of the time, my grandmother made this holiday apparel. It wasn’t until I became an adult, that I realized …………….
………….. what an amazing seamstress she was, and how much love she poured into everything she did.

We, (my sister’s and I) would lay on the floor and peruse, painstakingly, through the Penney’s or Sear’s catalog, trying to decided on a dress that we loved. After the decision was finally made, we’d bring the catalog to Grandma and show her the specific outfit that we’d chosen. She’d study the picture for awhile and then (this is the amazing part!), she’d take some old newspaper and draw a pattern for our personally requested dress.

Next, we were off to the fabric store (usually the one in the basement of J.C. Penney’s) to pick out some pretty cloth. When we returned home, she’d lay out the newly purchased fabric along with her pattern on the kitchen table and carefully cut out the pieces. Before we knew it, her sewing machine would be a-whirring. It didn’t take long and she’d call us for a “fitting”. She’d put a pin here and there, make a tuck or two and lower or raise the hem, always adjusting this custom-made dress to fit us perfectly.

This was no small task, since I have three sisters, so she had to repeat this sequence four times! But on Christmas morning, we were as proud as little strutting peacocks, sporting our beautiful new holiday outfits for everyone to see.


Nowadays, we’re much more casual about the holidays and, if you peeked into our living room on Christmas morning, you’d probably find us in jammies or just super-comfy clothing. With our holiday meals, however, I love to make things quite special. One of my favorite ways is to pass a pretty bread basket filled with warm festive dinner rolls. I usually take a few extra minutes to make a fun compound butter (recipes to come!) to go along with the rolls.

It’s funny, even if I’ve spent hours on the rest of the meal, often the bread and butter steals the show! I’ve put together a collection of six of my favorite dinner rolls (including one that’s sure to make you laugh). They can all be made in advance and popped into the freezer. Just thaw for a few hours and warm them in the oven before serving. Click on the link below to check them out:

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