Dulce de Leche Dessert Sauce

 Dulce de leche Dessert Sauce - a deliciously versatile dessert sauce with a wonderful, caramel-ly, milky flavor!

Delicious Dulce de leche dessert sauce is a delightful, thick, caramely South American dessert sauce that has become very popular in recent years. Literally translated it means “sweet jam” or “sweet milk jam”…………

Dulce de leche Dessert Sauce - a deliciously versatile dessert sauce with a wonderful, caramel-ly, milky flavor!

Dulce de leche dessert sauce can be made totally from scratch, simmering milk and sugar, stirring it almost constantly for hours until it caramelizes and becomes thick, gooey and gloriously sweet. While I’d like to tell you this is how I do it, I simply don’t have even a fraction of this kind of time and I bet you don’t either!

Probably the most common way to make Dulce de leche is to place a can of condensed milk in a large pot of water, bring the water to a boil and let the condensed milk magically transform into Dulce de leche dessert sauce over a few hours time. While this method is simple, it not only takes quite a bit of time, but it also scares me – if some of the water evaporates and the can pokes it’s nose out of the water, you risk an explosion that would not be pretty!

Dulce de leche Dessert Sauce - a deliciously versatile dessert sauce with a wonderful, caramel-ly, milky flavor!

The method I’m sharing today is quick, easy, safe and yields excellent results … in the microwave! Just make sure you start out with a large microwave safe bowl as the mixture will bubble up quite a bit and create quite a mess if your bowl is too small. Other than that, just give it stir every few minutes and in less than twenty minutes, voila! – delicious Dulce de leche dessert sauce! Try it as an ice cream topping, swirled into brownies, as a filling for layer cakes, on pancakes or French toast, stirred into coffee, in a milkshake……………… the possibilities are endless…….have fun!

Dulce de leche Dessert Sauce - a deliciously versatile dessert sauce with a wonderful, caramel-ly, milky flavor!

Dulce de Leche Dessert Sauce

A delicious dessert sauce done the easy way. In a microwave!

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  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • sea salt, a pinch
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • milk or half and half, as needed to thin


  1. Empty the sweetened condensed milk into a large microwave safe bowl.
  2. Microwave on medium power for two minutes.
  3. Remove from microwave and stir with a wire whisk. Be careful; the mixture and bowl will get very hot and remain that way throughout the process.
  4. Microwave on medium power for three minutes. Remove and stir again. Continue this process until mixture is thick and caramel colored, total time of about 20 minutes. If you like it a little deeper in color just microwave a bit longer.
  5. When mixture is fairly thick (it will get thicker as it cools) and deep caramel colored, you’re just about done. Remove from microwave and add vanilla and a pinch of sea salt. Stir until smooth with a whisk then pour into glass jars to store. If mixture is too thick once it is cooled add a tablespoon or two of milk or half and half and return to microwave for 30 seconds – then stir well to incorporate milk. Serve over ice cream, fresh fruit, cake, etc.


13 thoughts on “Dulce de Leche Dessert Sauce”

  • I tried making this… On medium power with a 800w microwave in a plastic microwave safe bowl… It burned after 8 minutes 🙁 I’m scared of boiling the can like I usually do please help 🙂

    • That’s the thing I had it lower than 7&8 I had it on 5 🙁 I’m going to try it again but this time in 2 minute bursts!!! If I succeed then I’ll post back… I absolutely love this blog thank you for your daring creativity… Much love from Australia -Danny!!!

    • I’m so sorry that happened. Maybe your MV is hotter than mine. If you dare to try it again, I would try it on a lower power level, maybe 7 or 8.

    • Ahhh that might be the problem *smart husband* 🙂 I’ll head back out sometime soon for another can of condensed milk to try this again I’ll just use shorter bursts I think will work a treat 🙂 god bless you chris much love -Danny!!!

  • This would be excellent on almost all desserts! I love caramel therefore this also would not be around very long! Blessings, Catherine

  • This is a great recipe to have – we LOVE caramel sauce – thanks for the recipe cause I’ve never actually managed to make it before!
    mary x

  • Wow, Chris, you’re right – I would never have tried making this the original way, but yours looks perfect! I have to admit to buying it at the Farmers’ Market – LOL!

  • I love this stuff. It’s so good. You can use a can opener and poke 2-3 holes in the sweetened condensed milk before placing the can in a pot of hot water. This will also avoid an explosion.

    Your photo looks delicious.

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