Fresh Corn Salad w/ Mango, Bacon & Avocado

Did I tell you I was taking a trip? A big one ……………
………………I’m trading places today with my friend Claire, proprietor, (along with chief-cook-and bottle-washer) of Claire K Creations, a delightful blog that I’ve enjoyed reading for the past few years.  Claire hails from Brisbane, Australia, but she’s here in the States for a few weeks exploring The Big Apple, New York City. I have the pleasure of guest-blogging for her from “The Land Down Under”. Come along with me, I’ll introduce you to Claire and tell you more about this wonderful Fresh Corn Salad w/ Mango, Bacon & Avocado. It was a big hit here at The Café this week. I think you’ll enjoy it too. Just click here, I promise you won’t have a lick of jet lag.

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