Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment

Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris.


It’s only been three full days since we arrived in Paris, but we’re already quite smitten by this beautiful city; and though we speak basically no French, are feeling just the teeniest bit like Parisians.

We’ve strolled the grand boulevards, wandered down quaint cobblestone streets and sauntered along the lovely river Seine to the tune of about 6-8 miles each day. And yes, we’ve found ourselves hopelessly lost a number of times, not even knowing how to ask for help or directions. Each day, by the time we’ve made the final climb to our third floor, little (very little) Paris apartment, our tired feet seem to be shouting, “Enough, enough already!”

But then, as we turn the key and catch the first glimpse of our little home-away-from-home, we seem to forget the fatigue, knowing we have a place to throw off our shoes, make a cup of tea or sip a glass of French wine, curl up on the couch and chill. That’s when it’s easy to pretend that we belong in this amazing “city of light”.


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
This is the first view that would greet us after we’d turn the key and stumble into the apartment after a long day. So refreshing and delightful!

When Scott and I were planning this 40th anniversary trip to Paris, we both felt like renting a flat vs. living out of a hotel would be our preference for a week long stay. We’re so happy we chose this route as it’s been delightful as well as more economical than staying in a hotel and eating every meal out.

One of the things we’ve discovered over the years when traveling, is that the images you see in pictures of hotels or vacation homes are not always accurate representations. When you actually see the place in person, often there’s a bit of reality shock. Have you ever had that happen? It’s actually quite a let down. Not this time however: our little (very little) Paris apartment is actually way better than we ever anticipated!

The flat is little, but so efficient, interesting and well done. We thought it would be fun to take you on a pictorial tour to show you what we mean. Are you ready?

Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
The building looks quite plain from the outside.


 Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris. - A peek through the front gate though gives a clue to the treasure that lies within.
Peeking in the gate from the outside gives a tiny glimpse of the treasure that lies within.


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
The courtyard is incredibly pretty.


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris. The building was actually a convent in the 18th century (hence the delightful courtyard) and the building dates back to the 17th century. A really cool tidbit we found out is that it was the inspiration for some of the stories in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.  
The building was actually a convent in the 18th century (hence the delightful courtyard) and some of the buildings date back to the 17th century. A really cool tidbit we found out is, that it was the inspiration for some of the stories in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris. We feel quite safe here, as there is a large wrought iron (locked) gate with a security camera, a locked entrance to the apartment and then a triple lock on our door itself. 
We felt quite secure here with a double gated system and security camera.


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris. The entrance to our little flat is actually on the second level of the apartment. There is a curved staircase that leads down to the living area and kitchen. 
The apartment is actually on two levels. These are the stairs that lead down to the living area. The bedroom is on the upper level.


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris. The living area is cozy and comfy. This is where we relax after a long day.
This is where we chill out and enjoy our time together at the end of each day.


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
Our delightful little breakfast table where we enjoy fresh croissants each morning that Scott runs just down the street to pick up. Of course the bread here is quite amazing too and never seems to disappoint!


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
The courtyard is a wonderful place for the families who live in the building to enjoy time together.


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
Oh my word! I’m not sure I ever really had a croissant before arriving here!


Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Then again, their breads (every shape and variety), baked fresh every morning) are wonderful as well.
There are a zillion varieties of lovely bread here and tons of boulangeries (bakeries) to choose from.


Breakfast in Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
The layers of deliciousness are unending!


Of course I was quite interested in the kitchen; are you surprised? But we’ll share that fun little space in our next post. You won’t believe the miniature appliances! There’s also the bath and bedroom; simple, but just perfect for this little pair from North Carolina.

We’re headed out for the day now, so I’m going to sign off. We love blogging from Paris but, at the same time, can hardly wait to get out each day and explore. So, until later, au revoir! We’ll be back in your inbox soon, with Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment – Part 2!




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  • I came over here from Monique’s blog. I know where you are-my Dad and I went looking for the Curie institute-this looks like a lovely apartment. Who did you rent from?

  • Chris & Scott— beautiful apartment. Makes me think I was along with you. Question for you, my husband and I are planning to see Italy in 2 yrs and we would love to rent a flat like you did as well. How did you find it? VRBO? AirBnB? Craigslist? Or did you use a travel agent? I absolutely loved the quaint charm oozing from your pictures and hope to make the lemon cake this afternoon. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you for this wonderful post and lovely pictures! I saw much more of Paris than I have ever seen through photos before. I have 2 questions: What kind of camera and lens did you use? How did you come across the apartment for rent? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Janelle! Scott here. I shoot with my “big boy” camera; a Canon 6D – it’s a full frame camera and really turns out beautiful shots, even in limited lighting environments. The lens is the Canon EF 24-105mm 1.4 zoom lens. For food photography, I also use a Canon EF 50mm 1.4 primary lens and a Canon EF 100mm 2.8 macro lens for tight closeups.

  • Thank you so much for the tour! What a lovely and beautiful place. I miss Paris. I visit last summer and always longing to go back again! So nice to see your post.

  • Chris, you’re seriously making me want to plan a trip to Paris!! I haven’t been in so many years! Your apartment looks lovely, and I think you must live in a very big house because that little apartment doesn’t look quite so little to me! 😉 Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  • I am so happy and lucky to have landed here today…first of all, happy 40th anniversary to you and your husband. What a beautiful way to celebrate; I couldn’t imagine a more romantic getaway than with my husband in Paris and in a cozy apartment. And what a gorgeous apartment it is! I would never want to leave! : ) Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your very special holiday.

  • This is my first time reading one of your blogs, normally i simply admire the fod related ones. But reading this particular gave me a sense e of happiness and utter content. It inspires me, and I truly look forward to Part 2 >_< 🙂

  • Chris and Scott,

    That place looks precious! Great charm and history. Thanks for sharing it all through Scott’s awesome photo’s.
    How’s the weather? Seems like a perfect trip.
    Flowers and pastry, couldn’t ask for more!

    • Thanks Patti! The weather has been remarkable – a string of five days of clear skies and mid 70’s temps. Yesterday, we had a little rain on the way home from St. Chapelle and today it has rained pretty steady, but that doesn’t stop us! We hit a great flea market in another part of the city. Cait’s Scottish neighbor in London used to say, “Never bad weather, only bad clothing!” How true!

  • Wow, it is just perfect! I think it must have been renovated since it was a convent. A lot of it looks brand new! How many others have apartments in this building? How did you know how to to rent such a perfect place, with the bakery and market so close?

    • Ginny, we’d love to say finding this apartment was carefully planned and executed by us, but we really just were blessed with accidentally running into a near perfect place. There are actually 4 buildings that wrap around the courtyard, so it’s hard to say how many people live here, although it’s very quiet, with the occasional pleasant sounds of children and parents playing in the courtyard.. Bakeries and markets abound all over Paris, so it’s hard not to end up in a neighborhood with several of them. There are over 70 street food markets in Paris! Parisians just love to eat and shop!

  • What a charming place! This looks quite grand compared to the little 8′ x 10′ hotel room that we had when we visited Paris. But, hey, it’s Paris! You now have me missing my favorite city. Have a lovely time.

    • Thanks Pattie! We met a couple today who had gone on a “tour” with a large group. They looked so weary, trying to make it to so many cities and sites in a short time. For us, we just love immersing in the life and culture. Maybe we don’t hit all the sights, but the memories are so vivid when we get back.

      • That is the true way to see a city and learn the culture. We never went on tours, preferring, like you, to live like the locals. When in Paris we stayed in the Latin Quarter as well. I loved the area. I just finished watching a short film called “Monet’s Palate,” and now I want to go to Normandy!

  • Chris, this was such a fun post. I hope there will be more than a part 2. 🙂 I was happy to hear that you are getting along without knowing French. I am always impressed by the small living space. I guess if you are just sleeping/relaxing there, there really is no need for a bigger space.

    p.s. I love that you bought flowers.

    • Madonna, with flower stalls on every street corner, it’s impossible to not buy flowers on your way home! Knowing French has not been a problem at all and most everyone we’ve met has been so gracious and forgiving when it comes to language.

  • Be sure to go to Ile de Cite – close to Notre Dame on Sunday for what I always called the bird and flower market. I love Paris and your flat looks perfect. Hope you will give info so I can pass it on to my son & girlfriend.

  • Happy Happy Anniversary.
    I’ve never been a Paris fan but several of the blogs I follow seem to love it. Can’t wait to hear/see about your adventures.
    So far this place looks lovely.


  • I am loving your stories and pictures., since I have never been to France. You make it seem like I am looking a photos from a close friend. Thanks, I am really enjoying your travels.

  • What a joy! We have been to Paris three times and hope to return. We stayed in hotels previously but would much rather
    go your route. Will you share how you found this special apartment? Happy 40th Anniversary!

  • Happy Fortieth, what a great way to celebrate. The last time Rob and I were in France (Versaille) we did a home exchange and stayed on the third floor of a 16th century building over the market square. And yes it was fresh croissants or chocolatine for us in the morning too.

  • Hi Chris and Scott!
    I’m enjoying your posts from Paris and even though I was just there, about a month ago, I’m ready to book again for next year ;-). I agree that renting an apartment is the best way to feel like less like a tourist and more like a local in a city like Paris. Enjoy those pastries..there is nothing quite like them at home in the States 😉 I’m sure you are walking off those calories every day and what a great way to enjoy all the lovely sights of Paris xxooxx Patty

  • What a wonderful little place. I too and from NC and have been to Paris a few years ago and stayed at the Hilton Arc de Triumphe, which is no longer there. I would love to know info on the apartment you are staying in as we plan a trip back to Paris next year.

  • Oh, Chris! What fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure. The last time we were in Paris, we went as a family (the kids were 16 and 11) and stayed in an apartment for a week. Market shopping, whether the outside type or supermarket, are some of my fondest memories from that trip. 🙂 The bread/pastries in France are in a league all their own. My son, a huge baguette fan, told me the trip to Paris “ruined” American baguettes for him forever. 😉 So, I DO understand the feeling of maybe you had never had a real croissant before! Enjoy!

  • You found a gem! Enjoy every minute. We walked more in Paris than we ever have anywhere. Hope you have tried the Metro. It is easier than NYC,. Even without speaking French in France, people are friendly and yes, we have been terribly lost also. But isn’t it just the best? I know you will be back again. Paris grows on you. Also interested in what part of the city your (very little) flat is.

    • We have used the Metro Susan and, because we’re so used to the London Tube system, it makes total sense, even though everything is in French. A very efficient way of getting around … and a fun way to study the locals!

  • Your apartment looks beautiful – which arrondissement is it in? We rented an apartment in Montmartre, also smaller than we thought but the neighborhood more than made up for it – we have already been back and I don’t think it was for the last time….
    Wishing you a wonderful Parisian weekend!

    • Thank you! The weather is still amazing, and this afternoon we had a wonderful thunderstorm when we were safely in our cozy apartment! We are in the Latin Quarter, near the Currie Institute. 5th Arrondissement.

  • I am SO jealous! You are doing what I wish I had the nerve to do. The apartment, the setting, the simple culinary treats are all so wonderful. I can’t wait to see and read more.

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