Reader Survey 2016

Survey 2016

Did you know that you make us smile? Everyday we get emails and comments from Café readers living all over the world. In the last few days alone it’s been France, Italy, Canada, Australia and England! We love hearing from you, answering questions you might have, learning what you’re cooking, what kind of results you’ve had from our recipes, as well as hearing fun stories that revolve around your kitchen or culinary experiences.

We’re popping in today in hopes of getting to know you even better, and to explore what you’d like to see here at The Café in 2016. We’ve put together a quick, Reader Survey 2016, and it will take you just 5 minutes – promise! As we plan for the months ahead, we’d really like to tailor our content towards the things you love most. Whether it’s healthy new options, quick and easy meals, ideas for entertaining or whatever… we want to know what you want, what you’d like to see more of, what keeps you coming back to The Café, etc. It’s only 10 questions. Multiple choice, with room for your own commentary. Thanks so much in advance!

Chris and Scott

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