Salted Toffee (Microwave!!!) Caramel Corn – In Honor of Virgie

Please be sure to read the fine print before proceeding with this blog post……..

WARNING! This Salted Toffee Caramel Corn is EXTREMELY addictive and so easy and quick to prepare that it is to be considered quite dangerous! It is beyond delicious and you will have great difficulty stopping at one two three or more portions!
So now that you have been cautioned, I can continue. I’ve had this recipe for over thirty years and received it from a special friend I had the pleasure of knowing way back then. Her name was Virgie and although she passed on a number of years ago, her memory certainly lives on and I think of her fondly, especially when I make this delicious caramel corn.

Virgie took me under her wing when I was a young wife and mother as she did with many other people she met. She had a heart of gold and I quickly learned not to compliment her about certain things. For example, if I told her that I liked her shoes, I might very well find those shoes sitting on my doorstep later that day. I mentioned one day that I loved caramel corn and next thing I knew she was delivering a delicious buttery, caramely treat to my door along with THIS recipe!

I could hardly believe that the entire recipe was prepared in the microwave!…….. And that it comes together in less than ten minutes! Oh my, now you see why I call this dangerous stuff; you can get a craving and twenty minutes later be sitting eating your weight in this fantastic treat!

I did have a bit of fun with Virgie’s recipe; I love the sweet and salty salted caramel flavor that has been so popular in recent years, so I added some toffee bits and sea salt to this already yummy treat – this took it right over the top! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
P.S. Need a teacher gift or maybe a thank you or thinking of you gift, or just want to brighten someone’s day? This is the perfect quick, easy, fabulous soluttion!


Salted Toffee (Microwave!!!) Caramel Corn

8 cups popped popcorn, slightly less than one regular size bag of microwave popcorn
½ cup brown sugar
¼ cup butter
2 tablespoons corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon baking soda
1 cup toffee bits
½ teaspoon sea salt

1. In a large microwave safe bowl (the biggest bowl you have, as you will be doing a lot of stirring once you add the popcorn), combine the butter, brown sugar, corn syrup and vanilla. Heat on high for one minute. Stir to mix well and return to microwave, heat another 2 minutes and stir again to dissolve all sugar. Add baking soda and stir well.

2. Add the popped popcorn to the bowl with the brown sugar mixture and stir to coat the popcorn; don’t worry if every kernel is not coated at this point. Place bowl back in microwave and cover loosely. Heat for 1 minute on high. Remove from microwave and stir. Return to microwave and heat again for one minute, then add toffee bits and sea salt, stir well and microwave for 20 more seconds. Turn popcorn mixture out onto waxed paper to cool.

Adapted from a recipe by my friend, Virgie

10 thoughts on “Salted Toffee (Microwave!!!) Caramel Corn – In Honor of Virgie”

  • I found this recipe on Pinterest and just finished making it for a party tomorrow… I hope it lasts until then! It’s delicious!!

    • I don’t tust myself to make it very often, I could probably eat the whole batch myself 😉 Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Enjoy your party. Oh, and if you need to eat this batch yourself, just to make sure it’s party-worthy, it wouldn’t take any time to whip up another batch 🙂

  • If you store it in an airtight container it should last several days. If it’s super humid, maybe less. It doesn’t have any preservatives so it won’t last as long as many packaged products. But it never lasts very long around here so I’m not a good one to ask 🙂

  • just made this sans toffee bits (could not wait to make a trip to the store!)and left off the last 20 seconds… it is great! I had a few slightly scorched pieces so I may drop my time back to 45 seconds between stirs next time! thanks for this, or maybe I should not thank you 😉

  • Cool! Just be happy I’m not at your house tonight, we might be fighting over this! 🙂 thanks for letting me know, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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