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Hello Café friends,

We’re feeling a bit like mother and father hen today; introducing their chicks to the big wide world…

Café Logo

Scott and I are sharing this post today to tell you about our NEW SITE! For the past couple months, we’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes with Jennifer from Season & Suppers on a fresh new design for the blog and, drumroll… it’s time for the big reveal! We’re super excited about the site and hope you’ll really like what it has to offer too.

Let’s start out with what’s the same. Pretty much everything. Same cook and chief bottle washer. Same photographer. Fresh, fun, new recipes will continue to arrive in your inbox twice a week. A focus on making you a star in the kitchen (with minimal effort on your part) is still our goal.


What’s different? Well, pretty much everything. We’ve totally changed the format on the home page, in order to give you more options to choose from. There are several fun new sections for spotlighting recipes, recipe collections and seasonal ingredients.

Cook the Season

At the very top of the home page, there’s a large highlight post where we’ll be focusing on all things seasonal. Currently it’s featuring “Beautiful Easy Holiday Recipes”. You’ll find everything from appetizers to sides, mains and sweets, all with a focus on easy and/or make-ahead to take some of the stress out of this busy season.

Dinner Ideas

There’s also a section near the top called “Dinner Ideas”. Each week we’ll do a little swap so you’ll always have fresh new ideas about what to make for that ever-challenging evening meal.

Gift Ideas for the Cook

Need a little gift inspiration? If you’ve got a cook on your list, we might be able to help. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and you’ll find a gift guide with everything from inexpensive (but useful, practical and fun) stocking stuffers to really cool serious kitchen equipment.

There’s lots to explore. We’d love for you to take a peek and let us know what you think. There are still a few bumps to smooth out, but we’re getting there. If you notice anything that needs fixing, please let us know.

KitchenAid Giveaway

Oh, and one last bit of exciting news! As part of the “new Café look” celebration, our awesome friends at KitchenAid have offered an amazing giveaway for one lucky Café reader. It’s a (beyond!) beautiful Candy Apple Red Pro Line Series Espresso Maker. Made in Italy, this machine is magnificent.

We’ll also be sharing a Copycat Starbucks Peppermint Mocha recipe (you’ll save a TON of $). My son (who’s an admitted coffee snob) says, “It’s better than Starbucks!” But we’ll let you decide that.


Have fun checking out the new site. See you over at The Café!


82 thoughts on “The New Café!”

  • I am a caterer who has built a reputation on really great food presented beautifully. I found your site by accident over a year ago and have found myself going there more than any other for inspiration and recipes. I have made many of your recipes, and all have been huge hits. I’ve shared your site and recipes with caterers across the country on a Facebook community of over 1500 of us. I’ve created a few cafe addicts like myself! I just made your Arugula, Pomegranate and Pear Salad for a local hospital system’s large holiday event and it was a huge hit! I shared with a caterer in another part of the country and she’s been making it the last few weeks for clients to rave reviews as well! We share new things we find on your site regularly. I love your originality and abundance of fresh, healthy, creative recipes. I’m looking forward to navigating the new layout of the site and hope to find it even more inspirational. Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

    • Aww, thank you Judy for this very thoughtful and encouraging comment. I really appreciate you taking the time as it made my day. So many times in the blogging world, you don’t know if anyone’s hearing you 🙂 I love pleasing people with good food and it sounds like you do too. I admire people in your profession – what a fun and yet difficult job it must be! Thanks again!

  • Congratulations! Your site now looks like thousands of others!
    Neat, slick and soooo ordinary.
    Oh well, this must be progress.

  • I love your blog. I read it faithfully and have made many of your recipes.
    However, I can’t tell you I love the new format anymore than I love Seasons
    and Suppers. It reminds of going to the grocery store for milk and having to
    walk to the back of the store to get it! I want the new posting right there—
    but I’ll certainly get used to the format and maybe even come to love it.
    Change is almost always a good thing. I certainly won’t change the fact that
    I look forward to each and every post and appreciate all the work you put
    into the blog.

    • Hi June, thank you for your kind words and your truthful comment. I appreciate the feedback. It’s hard to get used to something new, especially if the milk was always at the front of the store before. 🙂 The reason we changed our format is because so much of the good stuff we posted in the past, was getting lost in the deep, dark archives of The Café. This new layout, gives readers who are looking for fresh ideas, a chance to get some inspiration. And, for me, sometimes when I go for milk, I find something wonderful on the way to or from the dairy case 🙂

  • Love the new blog site! Kudos to you both — your work is exquisite. And I’m loving your recipes — have been able to make a few and am looking forward to exploring and trying more over the Christmas break. Hope you both have a very Merry Christmas.

  • Your food and blog stand out! Classy and elegant, and casually delicious! It all started with the Chicken, Corn Patties and now, I am hooked on everything! Beautifully done and you are an inspiration for a blog I’m trying to start at 52! Ugh, learning the ropes of the tech world today!! How did you do it? Great job!

  • I liked you old site fine but this one looks great. Good luck but you do not need it.

    Is there something we have to do to enter the drawing for the Expresso Machine? That sure would look great on my buffet! Keep the great recipes coming

  • Bonjour Chris and Scott,

    great job. You are such a talented couple, I am so happy I shared a day with you and can keep up thanks to the website.

    Take care and have a wonderful holiday season,

    hope to see you back in Paris some day,


    • Thank you Paule! I feel like that one day we had together was so special and that we’ll be friends for a long time. And yes, we’d love to return to Paris. It’s such a wonderful place – and then there’s you too!

  • A beautiful new site in time for the holiday season and New Year. Best of luck with this updated version of your wonderful recipes.

  • Your new site looks wonderful. Chris I am sure we will all get used to the new look and learn to navigate the site just fine. I do love Scott’s fantastic photo touches they are always beautiful. I will patiently wait on the Peppermint Mocha recipe, have not had the chance to drive to my nearest SB (65 miles round trip) to get one yet. You just may help me save $$$ in more than one way , thank you.

  • I tried finding the recipe for the copycat Starbucks peppermint coffee and where to enter contest for the coffee machine. No luck. I guess it will take some getting used to the new site. Help

  • Hi Chris,
    I love your new look!!! All your recipes look and turn out beautiful so how could your page not look terrific!! All the very best, Linda

  • I love the new look of The New Cafe. Very user friendly and cheerful.
    Love the cherry red Espresso machine. Thank you for the chance to win such a great machine. As a coffee lover, there is no better gift. Well… except…maybe chocolate truffles. ????

  • I didn’t think your site needed a thing, but you’ve managed to make it even better! Congratulations to you both!! It’s a gorgeous spot to stop and browse…. xoxo

  • Oh, isn’t this just perfect? I love a clean design that’s so easily accessible and you’ve captured that completely, Chris! Jennifer has done a beautiful job and found the best ways to highlight your beautiful food and photography. Congrats!

  • Ciao Scott & Chris
    Buone Feste E Tanti Augari!!!!!!!

    I so love the new sight. ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!!!! LOVE IT111111

    1st i would like to say Thank you so much for taking the time to share your delicious recipes with me.

    I have baked lovingly the Pumpkin Shortbread cookies, Rasberry Jam Shortbread Tart, for my family on Sunday dinner gatherings and they were a hit, and my grandchildren and children said they would like me to add the recipes in their cookbooks, (i keep adding to as they like each new recipes for the dinner and dessert.) your Toffee Cowboy Cookies I made for my 2nd cousin who lost her mom when she was 7 to breast cancer. They were a hit. she loved them so much she ate them all in a day. (she works out on a ranch with horses and training that’s why i made those for her.

    Now it is time to try some of the dinner recipes for family!!!

    Again truly thank you so much for sharing!!!



    • Grazie mille Shauna! I love that you’ve made all these recipes, thanks for letting us know. Yes, try some of the dinner ideas and get back to us. So happy to have you cooking from our little Café!

  • I tried to post this AM..and it would I can!

    Great new site..I feel like an antiquarian..all I want is decent sized pics like yours and Tricias:(
    Dear Santa..all I want for full size pics..
    Ok not really,but as an add-on? Like Amazon?

  • Hi Chris,
    Your new website looks great but I’m so used to your original one that it may take me awhile to get used to it. All the best – and I just love and look forward to your recipes! Linda

    • Thanks Linda. I know what that’s like. Sometimes when I’m at my daughter’s for too long, it takes a while to get used to my kitchen, we’re all such creatures of habit. I think you’ll really like it once you get used to it 🙂

  • I am so excited for you two! What an adventure the Lord has taken you on (and continues!). Thank you for sharing your wisdom,creativity and passion with us the readers.

  • I loved the old site design, but this new layout knocks my socks off! Clean and elegant, with the same wonderful recipes. Congratulations, it looks stunning! And that Espresso machine is wonderful- red is the perfect color. Cheers!

  • Are Canadians eligible to entrer this contest? Your blog has always been one of my favourites, everything always turns out. Any chance you are going to join the electric pressure cooker cult? It has become my favourite cooking method.

    • Thank you Kim. I’m sorry but the giveaway will only be open to US residents due to shipping restrictions. You wouldn’t believe how much this thing weighs! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. And yes, I would love to get into the instant pot “cult”. I’m very intrigued!

  • Congrats on the new website design! I love all the beautiful photography. You make me want to go to the kitchen right now and create some delicious dishes to share with family & friends. Looking forward to many new recipes. The KitchenAid Espresso maker is gorgeous!

  • What a gorgeous, inviting front page! I was happy visiting the old site, but now I’m wowed! After your last survey, I noticed the changed focus in recipes and now this – I love that you are looking out for the experience of your reader and I look forward to your emails every week. Happy holiday baking!

  • Love the new look. This is one of my very favorite blogs! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome espresso maker, too. How do I enter?

  • I didn’t see anything wrong with your other site but, if you are happy with a new one that works too.

    Thanks for the chance to enter to win the Espresso Machine.

  • I receive an email twice a week. Is this the same information as what is on your blog site? I am a little confused by all these sites.

  • Congratulations on your new format. I’ve always loved the past posts, so I’m looking forward to what’s new in future posts too.

  • LOVE the new site!! The sections are great and a wonderful way to highlight specific topics…I’ve already pinned several new (old) recipes that you highlighted.

    And that espresso maker…Oh My, can’t wait to enter my name for that giveaway!!!

  • The new site looks great! Congrats. Love the new sections. Also love that you have “recent posts” clearly highlighted — makes it easy to see at a glance what’s new. BTW, one glitch (at least on my computer) — the comment section seems to have some alignment problems. I’m typing these between the sections that ask for my email and my website. Took me a minute to figure out where to begin typing my comment! Anyway, congrats again — looks terriric!

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