The Unexpected


Life doesn’t always go as expected, does it?

If you feel like we’ve been MIA for awhile, you’re correct. It’s been over a week since our last post and the days since have been pretty crazy ones for Scott and I.

We left last Thursday evening on a trip to London, super excited about a visit with our daughter Cait, and her family. We intended to return this coming Friday, and had a few new recipes tucked away to share while we were gone. We’d also planned to share photos and experiences from our time in London.

Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out though. On Friday, Scott’s 94 year old father, who we assist in taking care of, was rushed to the ER via EMS for breathing difficulties. He was hospitalized for several days, then released on Monday. Scott’s brother from California flew in to pinch hit for us in the midst of this emergency situation, and it seemed like things were beginning to calm down when we got another call. This time it was about his mom.

Nanny (as we’ve called her ever since our children were born), left this world on Monday, very unexpectedly. Although she would have celebrated her 93rd birthday in April, she was unbelievably healthy. Every time we took her for a physical, the doctors would remark how fit she was for her age. In the end, her heart just wore out. We aren’t made for this world, are we?


We have lots of great memories of “Nanny”.  She loved to garden and had an incredible green thumb. In fact, I chose the picture at the top of this post because it reminded me of her beautiful back yard flower gardens that amazed me when Scott and I first met. She had a whole bed of cyclamens that looked like it should have won a home and garden award! Houseplants also would thrive under her loving attention and she had a few of them for more than 3o years!

She also loved music and and all things “arts”. Scott often tells the story that, if there was an arts event; drama, music, dance or art show anywhere near where they lived growing up, he and his mom would be in attendance. She was the one who  passed that wonderful gift down to Scott, who taught music, drama, photography and video production for years, before retiring. Yet, even now his “artistic bent” graces the pages of The Café. Thanks Nanny!

Scott and I were able to change our flight and we’re actually high in the sky right now, winging our way home. We’re still in a bit of a state of shock, and just wanted to let you know that we’ll be taking a short blogging break. We’ll be back, but right now, we have lots of details to attend to and will need some time to help Scott’s dad adjust. Thanks for reading and helping us remember Nanny!

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