Goat Cheese and Tomato Soufflé Tarts

Goat Cheese and Tomato Souffle Tarts - Delicious and make ahead, perfect for special celebrations. Everyone seems to love them!

Greetings from Paris!  For any of our new readers, and those who may not have checked in with us over the past week; we’re posting from Paris, France. Scott and I have a 40th anniversary this year and we couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate it than in the City of Light. Did you know it’s also known as the city of love?

We’ve rented a little flat in the heart of the Latin District (We shared a pictorial tour of it yesterday – Part 1). We’ll continue with Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment – Part 2 soon, but thought we’d take a little veer today to share a fabulous (French) recipe, a fun story and a delicious adventure.

I can hardly wait to tell you about this one…… 

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My little (very little) Paris apartment - breakfast

Our Little (very little) Paris Apartment

Bonjour! It’s only been three full days since we arrived in Paris, but we’re already quite smitten by this beautiful city; and though we speak basically no French, are feeling just the teeniest bit like Parisians.

French Grandmother's Lemon Yogurt Cake - a fabulous cake with a really fun history. It's moist and super delicious and it can be thrown together in minutes!

French Grandmother’s Lemon Yogurt Cake

Greetings from London Paris! Are you having a hard time keeping up with us? Yes, I’m feeling a bit like that myself! A few days ago we were in London visiting our daughter and her family. But Scott and I are celebrating a 40th anniversary this year, and we were busy this spring, planning a week together in Paris…. 

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Nottting Hill Market

London Spring

Greetings from London! The Café is posting from “across the pond” this week, as we’re visiting our daughter and her family in London. We arrived in the UK just four days ago, yet we already feel like we’ve packed in a ton of fun and great times with the family. It seems that deja vu happens each time we… 

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London Fog Vanilla Bean Shortbread - buttery, melt in your mouth shortbread cookies with lots of vanilla beans and a fun secret ingredient that makes them qualify for the name "London Fog"!

London Fog Vanilla Bean Shortbread

You’ll never believe where we are right now! And if you’re guessing London… Nope! That’s not it. But you’re pretty darn close. Okay, I’m teasing you a little. We’re actually sitting at the airport, waiting for our flight to be called. Yes, to London! Scott and I are super excited to be heading across the… 

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This Fresh Pineapple and Kiwi Protein Smoothie is exactly what you should be drinking, especially after those months of rich, calorie-ladened comfort foods!

Fresh Pineapple and Kiwi Protein Smoothie

This is just genius! I only wish it was my idea. As I stood in the shower one day last week, warm water pouring over my head, thoughts of ways to make our diet a bit healthier were swirling in the little culinary corner of my brain. I started thinking about smoothies. Green smoothies, to be precise; and… 

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Greek Quinoa Chicken Salad - Bright, fresh and super healthy too,! This salad will have you craving Mediterranean flavors!

Greek Quinoa Chicken Salad

I’m quite smitten with the sunny bright flavors of the Mediterranean. In fact, if you take me out for lunch and there’s a Greek salad on the menu… Well, let’s just say it probably has my name written all over it. Call me an old “stick in the mud” if you want, but, if it’s… 

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