Lemon and White Chocolate Spring Fantasy Fudge

Lemon and White Chocolate Spring Fantasy Fudge - the most fun, whimsical fudge to celebrate any special occasion. This one seem to shout "spring"!

It’s happened over and over. For many years now.

My daughter, Cait and I would be traveling somewhere in the car. It might be local; right in here in Raleigh or, more often, it would occur driving to an event or occasion in another city; particularly a larger city.

Cait and I would be plodding along, trying to follow a map (okay, sometimes lots of times we were just winging it) making our way to the destination. Suddenly we’d realize we were a bit (maybe a lot) lost. Have you ever done that?

Then, as we’d glance around, it would dawn on us that we were either in-the-middle-of-nowhere or in, what seemed to be, an unsafe area. Yikes! Almost simultaneously, we’d blurt out the same thing; … 

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Easy Carrot Cake with Buttermilk Glaze - unbelievably easy (like only 5 minutes from start to oven!) and unbelievably moist and delicious!

Easy Carrot Cake with Buttermilk Glaze {KitchenAid Giveaway}

It was one of those miserable, early March days. You know the kind; damp, chilly with steady rain falling for hours on end. Looking out the window only revealed varying shades of gray; gray sky, gray trees, gray streets, gray gardens, gray, gray, gray. Scott and I were working on our computers in the living room, not wanting to leave… 

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Strawberry Sugar Cookies - Crinkly Crackly on top, crisp on the edges and soft inside. On top of all that they're bursting with fresh strawberry flavor!

Strawberry Sugar Cookies

Here we go, we’re on the road again! A little different this time though; actually a virtual trip to midwestern United States, where my sweet blogging friend Melanie, (author of Melanie Makes) lives. The Café is guest posting up there today, so that Melanie can take a bit of time off after the recent birth of a… 

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Five Delicious Springtime Desserts - with Easter, Mother's Day, graduations, etc. this time of the year calls for lots of special desserts. Here are a few of our favorites!

Five Delicious Springtime Desserts

It’s official! Welcome Spring! We’re so happy you’ve arrived, though in some parts of the country (and world) it may a reality only on the calendar. Despite what the thermometer or forecast might report, we know that your arrival is a promise of warmer days to come! Just when it seems the winter will never end and we’ll… 

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Basil Oil - I'm sure you've seen the little packs of basic at the grocery store. That and some oil is all it takes for make this fabulous condiment., that's perfect for a dipping sauce or a drizzle for steak, fish, poultry and a zillion other things.

Basil Oil

After lunch this past Sunday, Scott asked the question I wait for each year at this time. “Hey, wanna run over to Home Depot? I noticed, when I was there on Friday, that they got their first shipment of fresh herbs in. Let’s check it out!” Let’s just say there was no dawdling on my part and within minutes, with my shoes… 

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Thai Inspired Carrot and Yellow Pepper Soup

Thai Inspired Carrot and Yellow Pepper Soup

Scott and I were taking a walk one afternoon this past week. It was a gray, gloomy day and we were chatting as we approached a busy intersection. Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks as I happened to glance over to my left, noticing the strangest thing. I ran over to get a closer look. “Strange”… 

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Irish Chocolate Pots de Creme - The most decadent, silky smooth, to-die-for dessert that only takes 5 minutes to throw together. My husband thinks it's the best chocolate dessert I've ever made!

Five Minute Irish Chocolate Pots de Crème

I bet you think I’m spoofing you when I say this fabulous dessert takes five minutes, right? As sure as the sky is Carolina Blue (that’s what we call it here in Tarheel Country), I’m not! Set a timer and you’ll see for yourself. These Five Minute Irish Chocolate Pots de Crème are unbelievably quick to throw… 

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