Candy Cane Swirled Fantasy Fudge

Candy Cane Swirled Fantasy Fudge - the most fun, festive and delicious fudge EVER! Oh, and it's easy too!

Are you running around like crazy, trying to get things together for the holidays? Been there, done that.

Doing that. … 

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Cranberry Sriracha Pepper Jelly - this stuff is crazy good! We love it spooned over cream cheese and served with crackers but it also makes a wonderful glaze for chicken, pork, salmon, etc.

Cranberry Sriracha Pepper Jelly

These days when I’m serving family or friends any kind of creation from my kitchen, there’s a  question that they’ve come to expect…

Pomegranate, Parsley and Pecan Cheeseball - light, fresh and fun - with a smidgen of garlic, a bit of fine lemon zest and lots of fresh herbs. It's gorgeous too and tends to make jaws drop!

Pomegranate, Parsley and Pecan Cheeseball

Shoot! I have more ideas and fun recipes to share with you than there are days before Christmas. More ideas and recipes than Scott and I have time to photo-shoot and blog about. For some reason, my brain has been in overdrive lately in the kitchen and instead of a having a zillion ideas and things I want to try… 

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Celebration Worthy Desserts - desserts that scream special occasion from simple to more complex, all super delicious!

Make-Ahead Celebration-Worthy Desserts

This is part three of a “Let’s Get Ready” series, designed to help you (and me) get prepared for the holidays, which, by the way, seem to be on a crash course, headed straight towards us. Have you noticed? I’m trying to get my little ducks in a row, how about you? I’ve been thinking about… 

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Easy Cashew Curry Brittle - just like peanut brittle but way better! It's a deep golden-hued candy with cashews and a touch of curry which adds a wonderful depth of flavor. Make it in minutes - in the microwave!

Curry Cashew Brittle

I know, I know this recipe sounds a little … odd. Right? I mean really, curry in candy? But before you write off this recipe and click on over to another site, let me just share a bit about this unbelievably delicious candy… Scott and I were sitting in front of the fire one chilly morning this… 

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Brown Sugar Banana-Clementine Muffins - with chunks of sweet banana and lots of fresh clementine zest, these delicious, crumb topped muffins are sure to please everyone in the family!

Brown Sugar Banana-Clementine Muffins

“How would you like to learn a little trick to wake Papa up – without making a single sound?”, I asked my two older granddaughters several years ago. Scott had gone upstairs to take a Sunday afternoon nap and it was getting close to dinner time. The girls look at me quizzically. “Can you be… 

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Season Salads for Holiday Entertaining - treat your guests to healthy but super delicious meals this holiday season with this great round up of wonderful salads.

Six Seasonal Salads

You may not have thought about this, but salads can really be lifesavers this time of the year. Lots of people think of holiday entertaining meals as rich, heavy and not super healthy. I know (from personal experience) that many diet rules go right out the window and, until January 1 rolls around, it’s one party and splurge after another…. 

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