Ruby Red Grapefruit & Orange Marmalade

“It’s funny, we didn’t have marmalade for the first 25 years of our marriage.”, my husband commented after I made this delightful jam this past week. “That’s because ……….
…………. I didn’t really like it, I thought all marmalade was quite bitter”, I replied. “I can’t believe I went all those years not knowing how wonderful it could be ………… and how easy it is to make!”

Did you ever discover something that made you wonder how you ever lived without it? That’s my story now days with marmalade. In fact, I’ve become quite the marmalade aficionado, finding all kinds of ways to use this amazing condiment in my culinary endeavors. For lots of marmalade inspiration, check out our post over at PARADE magazine.


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    I wonder if it is an acquired taste, I remember my Mother enjoying marmalade on her toast and now I do too. It is a delightful treat for the taste buds indeed! Slipping on over to the magazine now, you know I love your recipes.

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    That looks yummy. Every year a friend in England sends me Seville Orange and Whiskey Marmalade – I can’t tell you how good it is on hot toast, dripping with butter.
    I made your Beef Bourguignon Soup yesterday – it was the best! I like the addition of the pesto. This soup will appear again and again this winter in our house – thank you!

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    Chris would you believe I haven’t had marmalade since I was little? Family friends were staying with us and the mum made me toast with orange marmalade. I really really didn’t like it and can still taste it. Might have to make my own to try and change the memory!

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    I’m not a big fan of marmelade… I like to have jars to cook and bake but I cannot say I just love it on my toasts… Maybe on scones…with cream… I have to make marmelade now:)

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    You are an inspiration Chris! Your jams, jelly, and marmalade always looks absolutely perfect. Love this and love the citrus combination. I bet you were busy some of those early years working and raising children. Isn’t it nice we can spoil them a little now?!

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    besides spreading it on toast and mufins, i really love your idea of mixing it with rice vinegar and some hot sauce , your concoction always sounds good to me! the jars are so pretty too :)

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    Gorgeous. We have a big loaf of sourdough bread on our counter and now I need to get some marmalade. This looks just delicious! Thank you for sharing.

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    Beautiful, Chris! I love marmalade…I made some last year with some wonderful kumquats that I found in Florida! Your combo of ruby red grapefruit and oranges sounds amazing!

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    So, so very beautiful! Chris, your marmalade is like sunshine in a jar. I just adore working with it in my baking and did so with my recipe for non-yeast cinnamon rolls. This citrus preserve can really perk up breakfast! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

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