California Avocado Western Burgers

California Avocado Western Burgers - these are fantastic and full of great flavor! -

If you’re a regular visitor here at The Café, you know that we’re nut cases about fresh, seasonal veggies, fruits and whole grains. Our archives are loaded with vibrant main course and side salads featuring just about every type of produce and grain you can imagine. Check them out here! See what I mean? We’ve got well over eighty fun, unique salads, bursting with flavor along with fabulous nutrients.

I do have to admit though, we also really enjoy meat and a good BURGER is right up there near the top of our “favorite” list. There’s just nothing that says “summer” like a juicy burger, fresh off the grill. So when the California Avocado Commission sent us a delicious sounding recipe for Western Burgers and asked us to prepare, style and photograph it, well, let’s just say we didn’t waste a minute!

California Avocado Western Burgers - these are fantastic and full of great flavor! -

The ground beef is combined with spicy jalapeño peppers, finely chopped fresh cilantro. salt and pepper. This little bit of extra seasoning adds a wonderful burst of flavor while the garnish of fresh tomato, white onion and avocado slices enhances the grilled burgers with delightful freshness and wonderful visual appeal.

Five Fabulous Avocado Recipes, California Western Burgers

If you want enjoy a meal in “burger heaven”, grill up a batch of these fabulous burgers. I think you too, will be sold with the very first bite! You can find the recipe on the California Avocado Commission website. While you’re there, check out their plethora of amazing avocado recipes – they’re adding new ones all the time! I signed up for their newsletter, that way I don’t miss a one!



 P.S. I decided to have some fun with my avocado presentation, after all this is the Avocado Commission, right? I used a simple, eye-catching technique that you can do too:
Cut an avocado in half, just like usual. Twist to separate. Leave the pit in place. With the peel left on and using a sharp knife, cut the avocado halves in thin slices, cutting right up to the pit (on the half with the pit remaining). Gently pull the slices away from the pit and carefully remove the peel from each slice. This technique can also be used for salads and other types of sandwiches, makes such a pretty presentation with the lovely green color of the avocado.

California Avocado Western Burgers

Disclaimer: We have been compensated by the California Avocado Commission for recipe styling and photography but the opinions are our own.

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