Christmas Greetings from The Café & a Super Fun, 5-Minute Trick to Add Pizzaz to Any Meal!

Happy Christmas! That’s what they say here in London where we’re visiting our daughter and her family. It’s funny how quickly you adapt to small things. It seemed so strange at first to hear “Happy Christmas”( instead of “Merry Christmas”) from just about everyone we’ve run into, but that’s what we’re saying now too.

We’ve been enjoying lots of great family time, and despite some “miserable” weather (high winds and cold rain), have managed to experience some wonderful London Christmas activities. We’ve ice skated at The Natural History Museum, strolled through Harrods department store, admiring the magnificent holiday decorations and visited a few British Christmas markets.

Is your holiday menu all set? We’ll be braving the elements today, stopping at the butcher for our traditional Christmas pork loin and the nearby farmer’s market for fresh veggies. I’ll also be baking a Christmas cake with the children. We’re doing a red, white and green version of my Kaleidoscope Cake with a White Candy Cane Icing. I think the girls will love the fun, easy technique.

Knowing you’re down to the wire with holiday preparations, I’m sharing a delightful recipe that I love to serve; not only at holiday meals, but anytime we have a dinner party. It’s actually more of a trick than a recipe, but don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes. Everyone seems to love this small touch and it can be adapted to compliment whatever you’re serving. Check it out on our post over at PARADE Magazine:

P.S. Have a blessed holiday. We’ll be taking a bit of time off from the blog to enjoy the family. Check back before New Year’s for some great recipes for entertaining, as well as lighter post-holiday fare. Perhaps Scott will be able to pull out the camera and shoot a bit of festive London if the weather calms down. Until then, …………… Happy Christmas!!


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