Pickled California Avocados w/ Lemon, Garlic & Rosemary

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled ……………
……………. AVOCADOS!? Pickled avocados? You heard it right……………. they’re unique and fun for an an appetizer, but they also make a fabulous light lunch served with warm pitas, hummus, tomatoes and any other fresh veggies/herbs that suit your fancy.

One thing I really love about these pickled avocados is they DON’T DISCOLOR like avocados generally do, shortly after being cut open. Which means you can serve a delicious avocado appetizer without any worries about it losing it’s lovely green appearance. How cool is that?

This Pickled California Avocados w/ Lemon, Garlic & Rosemary  recipe is another project we’ve been working on for The California Avocado Commission. They had an idea for pickled avocados and gave me free reign in the creation process. It took awhile to get it just right; I played around with the type and amount of vinegar and herbs/spices, the pickling technique and duration and the avocados themselves.

I found out through trial and error that results were not optimum with avocados that were too ripe. In fact this recipe works best with fruit that’s barely ripe. There should be only the slightest “give” when the avocado is gently squeezed. Be picky when you choose your avocados for pickling; too soft and the final product will be soft and mushy, too firm without that “slight give”, and the avocado will be impossible to peel. There will be some softening that takes place during the pickling process, so don’t worry that the pickled avocados will be hard.

You can slice or dice avocados any way you want for this recipe. I’ve sliced them thin and used them for a delicious sandwich topper and in thick wedges, almost like pickles. They can be cut in smaller wedges or cubes and threaded on skewers with cherry tomatoes and/or other fresh veggies for a delightful appetizer. Sometimes I drizzle the skewered veggies with a bit of olive oil and chopped fresh herbs.

Oh, and speaking of other veggies, almost anything can be pickled in this same brine. I’ve pickled cooked potatoes, cherry tomatoes and zucchini, but you could also use asparagus spears, green beans, summer squash …………… you name it! As I mentioned earlier; a fun lunch, at home or to take to work (remember, no worry about the avocados turning brown) is pickled veggies, humus and pita wedges. Drizzle it all with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and you’ve got a light, lean meal your lunch buddies will be drooling over!

Go to the California Avocado Commission for Pickled California Avocados w/ Lemon, Garlic & Rosemary . ENJOY!

P.S. We’re a little slow on the draw today as we arrived home after midnight last night. We spent the weekend in Philadelphia at a fabulous blogger’s conference called Eat, Write. Retreat! We met lots of delightful new friends, were inspired, challenged and came home with a ton of new ideas …………… and a ton of “loot”. Check out all the fun stuff they sent us home with; we almost had to rent a little trailer to pull behind us!

We are compensated by The California Avocado Commission for our recipe development and photography, but the opinions are very much our own.

36 thoughts on “Pickled California Avocados w/ Lemon, Garlic & Rosemary”

  • I usually can’t stand pickled food, however I adore avocados enough that I might have to try this! I love that they keep their beautiful green color.

  • Pickled avocados? Brilliant! If I could keep them for months and months, having avocado year-round would be a truly wonderful thing!

  • Chris, now there is another absolutely delightful recipe to try – your pickled avocados sound simply fabulous!
    Looking at the “loot” that you brought home from the blogger convention almost takes my breath away – how wonderful to be able to try out so many exiting new kitchen items and books.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  • Is there a “second best” vinegar? I can get everything where I live (interior China) except the white balsamic. I would love to make this!

    • Hi Melisa! You could also use white wine vinegar if that’s available. Rice vinegar would also work but would change the flavor a bit, not in a bad way though 🙂

  • Is there a “second best” vinegar? I can get everything where I live (interior China) but the white balsamic vinegar. I would love to make this!

  • These look delicious. I have some over-ripe avocados (that I actually bought to make some of your other fab dishes but time got away from me). I wonder if they are too mushy to make pickles with.

    My, you got a lot of great swag at the convention!

  • My goodness what a party bag!!! I love seeing the little peek at your kitchen too Chris. I’d love to see more of where the magic happens.
    I must admit when I saw the post title I thought ‘oh Chris has gone a little crazy this time!’ (in the nicest possible way) but pickled avo actually sounds really lovely. I never would have thought of it myself!

  • You really head back home with lots of stuff! i really love the idea of pickling avocado… Your little skewers looks perfect as an appetizer!

  • I always know when I come to visit I will find something wonderful. I can’t think of anything more delicious for a summer lunch or light dinner. We love avocados but I often avoid them because they are so perishable.

  • Chris, I have never heard of pickled avocadoes, but this one got me totally intrigued! The combination of lemon, garlic and rosemary is already a perfect marriage, add in avocadoes – this i gotta try! And the photos are absolutely fabulous. I am so envious that you get to do all these interesting experiments LOL.

    • Thanks Esther! It is fun working for the CAC but it is definitely a lot of work putting it all together. Scott and I love doing it together!

  • These look amazing! I have a question about the pickling. It says to let them sit for 6 hours. Once the avocados are pickled, how long will they keep?

  • Chris, I have been so busy trying to re-settle and organize my Life into my 940-square foot Colorado condo that I haven’t taken the time to comment on your Posts. (I have read them, however.) But, I cannot let this recipe and write-up pass without taking the time to comment. Who’d have thunk it – pickled avocados. The thought of you hanging out in your kitchen, trying all different pickling combos with avocados, does make me smile. The idea of it? Great. And, serving them as a side and tasty accent on skewers? YES. I use many of your recipes, as I have told you before, but this is a sure winner. I especially like the idea that I can use the basic pickling recipe for other foods. And, that last picture of yours just nailed a sold-out crowd for next year’s Philly conference. You go, Girl.

    • Hope you are feeling quite settled now Mary. Thanks for your sweet comment. Yes, the conference was quite amazing, hope to see you there next year, how fun would that be!

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