Sweets for the Sweet – Valentine Gifts from the Kitchen

Sweets for the Sweet - Valentine Gifts from the Kitchen - a fun and delicious collection of fabulous Valentine treats for every sweetie on your list!

I had a little mishap this week…

It was a dark, moonless night. Scott and I were driving tandem on a wooded country road, me following right behind him. Suddenly, in the narrow path of my headlights, I spotted something small, moving in the road ahead of me. It happened so fast, but I can still picture the furry little black and white striped animal scampering across road.

Much to my chagrin, it was too late to stop. At the last second, as I was almost right on top of him, I saw his little head turn my way. I keep having replays of that in my mind, the little furry face, the bright headlights, the impending doom, and I can’t help wonder what the poor little fellow was thinking in his last moment here on Earth.

I heard an awful “thunk” and it was over. Feeling horrible, I slowed way down, trying to think if there was anything I could do. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Scott, “Where are you and what are you doing?”.

“I ran over a skunk!”

“Oh no!” he said. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, but I feel terrible”.

“Well, there’s nothing you can do now. I was really worried about you. All of a sudden you disappeared. Catch up with me, we’re almost home.”

I didn’t smell the odor right away, but the minute I got out of the car, I knew the little guy had gone out fighting. Wow, talk about noxious! It seemed that the whole neighborhood was filled with the horrible stench. What I didn’t realize – was that it wasn’t about to go away. In fact, the next morning it was worse, if that was even possible.

It’s been a few days now and, despite two car washes and lots of fresh air, we still feel like we have a “stink cloud” surrounding, following and hovering over us, each time we drive that car.  It’s embarrassing to pull up somewhere and the putrid aroma of parfum de mouffette pulls right up with us. Scott keeps reminding me, “You run over a skunk and he’ll never let you forget it”.

Whoa, have I ever figured that one out!

Know what else I’ve figured out? Something much more pleasant and something, unlike the skunk scent, I’d love to share with you.

How to make family, friends, even strangers smile on Valentine’s Day. I’ve got a lineup I call, Sweets for the Sweet – Valentine Gifts from the Kitchen that will be sure to please everyone on your list.

Are you ready?

II Want to Marry You Cookies - probably the most fun and delicious cookies you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting!

I Want to Marry You Cookies – Imagine being able to say that your significant other proposed to you on Valentine’s Day! These cookies supposedly have the magical power to elicit such ardent requests. I can’t promise this is true, but I can promise that they’re magically delicious!

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Strawberry Icing - absolutely delicious and perfect for your next special event -  Valentines' Day, birthdays, any days!

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes w/ Fresh Strawberry Icing – These vanilla bean-studded cupcakes are as easy as any cake mix, but infinitely better. The icing is a burst of wonderful strawberry flavor, with both strawberry jam and fresh strawberries inside. So pretty too!

Chocolate Obsession Cake, the most delicious and easiest chocolate cake you'll ever find! Make it plain or fancy, everyone goes crazy over it!

Chocolate Obsession Cake – I was teaching a cooking class one year right around Valentine’s Day. I wanted a fabulous, yet simple dessert with a lot of WOW factor. I dressed up an old standby that I’d been making for a zillion years with a brand new presentation and gave it a fancy-dancy name. It’s so delicious that no one believes it’s the easiest cake ever! (….and you won’t believe its real name.)

Winter White Red Velvet Fudge - A delicious, beautiful fudge for any season; not just winter! Try it for your next party; or for fun gifts to give relatives, neighbors and friends.

Winter White Red Velvet Fudge – to me, nothing says romantic more than red velvet. This is a fun, sure to please confection that everyone who’s tried it has gone crazy over!

French Meringues with Strawberry Ganache Filling are the perfect sweet treat for your sweetheart; any time of the year, not just Valentine's Day.

French Meringues with Strawberry Ganache Filling. – these are a light, melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat. The chocolate ganache filling, with a touch of strawberry jam, takes them over the top in deliciousness.

Raspberry Meltaways2

Raspberry Melt-Aways – melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies with a fabulous, fresh raspberry icing!

Warm Mixed Berry Compote - a delicious, colorful, elegant twist on compotes. Fabulous for breakfast, brunch or just anytime you want to make your meal a little fancy.

Warm Mixed Berry Compote – one last fun idea. How about a delicious, heart-healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast? This delicious topping would be a delightful way to start the day. Pick your prettiest glasses and layer creamy Greek yogurt with this warm, sweet compote. You’ll be sure to see smiling faces all around the table as they gobble up this beautiful breakfast! Oh, and it could do double-duty by spooning the delicious sauce over vanilla ice cream for dessert!


There’s only a week before that all-important V-Day. I bet you’ve got all kinds of family, friends, teachers, neighbors, etc. on your list to say “I love you”, “I care”, “Thanks”, “Thinking of you” etc. I can’t think of a better way to convey these thoughts than with love from the kitchen!




24 thoughts on “Sweets for the Sweet – Valentine Gifts from the Kitchen”

  • I can only relate to this via our last Golden Retriever, Belle. She and a skunk went nose to nose and she lost. Tomato juice. Try tomato juice. You can purchase large cans at Costco. Love your Valentine’s Day suggestions.

  • Our car was parked in the driveway one night a couple of weeks ago and my husband saw a skunk scurry underneath. Our son was home and was about to leave before I frantically yelled for him not to go outside just yet. I love him dearly but I had he been sprayed with parfum de mouffette he would have been outside for a long time! Love your sweet round-up!

  • Oh, no! I can just imagine how heartbroken you felt about that poor little skunk! He really did get you back, didn’t he? So sorry you had to live with that stickiness. 🙁 But, these Valentine’s Day treats look phenomenally scrumptious…especially those chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cakes and meringues! Thank you for sharing this sweet recipe round up with us, Chris!

  • I’m so sorry you crossed paths with that skunk on the road! I know how I would feel too but there was nothing you could do and the worst thing would have been to veer away and get possibly injure yourself and your car.

    On a happy note, everything looks beautiful and delicious!

  • Oh, no! I know I’d feel bad for the poor little critter…. but the odor has got to be awful! On to a happier subject…your Valentine’s Day sweets! I’m happy to say I’ve made two of them and they were, indeed, scrumptious!!! I can vouch for the cookies and fudge…and my Valentine loved them, too! Hope you and Scott have a lovely holiday! xo

  • What a great collection of treats for Valentine’s Day! I think I am partial to the chocolate cake and the meltaways… On the stinky side, we had skunk trouble at our house when the dog had an encounter…don’t know what the husband was thinking but he grabbed her and brought her in the house! What an odor….a lingering odor. My neighbor told me to put bowls of white vinegar around the house….. It worked! Not certain how that applies to a car… good luck!!

  • Oh poor you! I’ve never run over a skunk but I was once in the car with Greg and a cat ran out into the road. The thump made me jump and we pulled over to see if the cat was ok. Unfortunately it wasn’t so we called the local animal rescue centre. I felt awful but there really wasn’t anything else we could do. I do like the sound of your fudge and just make it for me! xoxo

  • Awww…so sorry! That little skunk is not going to let you forget him any time soon. All of your treats look perfect for Valentines Day…wish I could make them all! 🙂

  • I love your images, they all look so beautifully made! The picture of the Winter White Red Velvet Fudge was so intriguing that I couldn’t help but click to see what it really was and how it was made.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention that my sister-in-law came across your “I Want to Marry You” cookies via facebook and has made them several times, with rave reviews.

  • Chris, you make me laugh even though this was a sad tale. I laughed because it’s quite a contrary lead into a post about food and love! Although there is a poem by Naobi Shihab Nye title “Valentine for Ernest Mann” in which a skunk is given as a Valentine gift, and your post made me remember how much fun I used to have teaching that one. So maybe skunks can work as a transition to love ; ) We have had skunks visit inside our home on more than one occasion, but thankfully they never sprayed. I hope the smell dissipates soon.

  • Oh no!!! You are so sweet, your first thought was about the poor little guy. We have lots of skunks around here and usually keep our car vents closed because so many get run over. You can smell it for miles it seems. There are so many on the road now that Phil said it must be skunk mating season. And so it is. February, the month of love, is indeed skunk mating season.

  • Giggle. Giggle. Tee. Hee. Hee. I have never driven over a skunk but I did once run over a rabbit and I have had Thumper-nightmares ever since. Our many golden retrievers never got skunked either but did run into a porcupine or two. I really do feel sorry for you. Buy tomato juice and saturate your tire with it. Those cookies have been sitting in my to-bake file for too long. Maybe this is the time.

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